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Mirror, Mirror on the wall: Who is the most competitive city of them all?

That would be yours truly, the Big Apple.  Crains New York reveals a recent report conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit deemed New York City as the leading city in the world for global competitiveness, even beating the likes of London and Singapore.  Cities were ranked on a wide array of categories that influence their competiveness in the global economy, such as economic strength, financial maturity and social, cultural character and global appeal.  NYC’s scores measured high across the board, and we can’t say we’re surprised.  We live in a financial hub and a culturally diverse Mecca where you’re competing with only the very upper echelon of society.  It’s no wonder people say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

The city isn’t just riding on history and reputation alone, though.  New plans to better position the city in the ever evolving tech industry with a new campus on Roosevelt Island by Cornell University proves the city’s strategic understanding for the need to stay ahead of the curve; especially as the intelligence pool across the globe is more competitive than ever.  Innovations in areas such as media, art, fashion and technology continue to breed in this multifaceted city. 

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