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Porter Hovey’s Designs on Conquering the Real Estate Industry 

What started out as a style and design blog by sisters Hollister and Porter Hovey quickly turned into an opportunity. The blog was originally just a creative outlet, a way for the sisters to showcase their taste, unique aesthetic, and adventures. The site featured Hollister’s concise and descriptive prose and Porter’s Polaroid-style photography. The style and design ideas, described as “a mixture of Brooklyn hip, vintage Americana, Anglophilia, and an unabashed love of taxidermy,” quickly gained popularity and a loyal following. So much so that the sisters began offering design services. Which was then parlayed into a successful interior design business, Hovey Design 

Porter took it a step further and got her real estate license. She now works at Halstead Property, utilizing the company’s unmatched web exposure, innovative marketing techniques, and top-shelf personal service to find perfect pairings between homes and owners. She’s joined forces with two top-producing Senior Vice Presidents in Warner Lewis and Ari Harkov and is already making waves in the industry. Her real estate clientele benefit greatly from her unique aesthetic eye and ties to interior design. We’re very excited to have Porter and her one-of-a-kind services with Halstead. As Porter herself states, “I’m the luckiest lady around to get to see some of the most amazing real estate New York City has to offer – and turning those amazing spaces into homes… well, I think I’ve really found my calling in life!” 

Porter Hovey was recently interviewed by Quest Magazine on her ascent into popularity, her work with Halstead, and her particular brand of style and design.

(Image: Hovey-designed interior)



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