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If you live in New York City you probably go out to eat more than you cook, right? Well if not, you at least go to brunch we are guessing. Brunch is really taking over Manhattan with Spring creeping closer and closer. 

This Sunday why not try brunch with soul? The Red Rooster in Harlem serves comfort food celebrating the roots of American cuisine: Soul food! While you are digging in to your biscuits and gravy or mac’ and greens you will be serenaded by some of the city’s best soul artists. Belinda Munro is a Gospel Brunch favorite and performs Gospel and Spiritual favorites. Belinda once said ”I want people to experience music like I do, which is positive music for the soul.” So right when you walk in the door and hear her voice you will transform into the “Gospel state of mind” right away.

While you are looking at the menu you may find it’s hard to make up your mind. Make sure to try the corn bread as a starter. This is some of the best cornbread ever and comes with a side of honey butter and tomato jam. You won’t want to stop eating it, but save room for the main course too! If you are in the mood for breakfast type of food, try the Rooster scrambled eggs. They come with a side of chicken apple sausage which is amazing and also a tomato and mozzarella salad. If you are more in the mood for lunch or dinner try the fried yard bird! This bird is made of tender dark meat and comes with white gravy and fluffy mashed potatoes. You can’t make reservations so there may be a little wait, so don’t forget you can wait at the bar and enjoy a coffee or an Uptown Bloody Mary with pickled veggies while you wait.

Can’t wait for the weekend? The Red Rooster also has amazing week day events and a scrumptious dinner menu. Be sure to check out the events schedule online to see what best suits you and your party. This Friday is Soul and R&B Friday so start the weekend off right as the DJ spins Aretha, Marvin Otis and more.

After indulging you can go explore some of Harlem’s best shops and work off some of that “soul” with a brisk walk in Central Park.


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