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Imagine having Central Park be the last thing you see each night before you go to bed, and the first thing you see each morning. Lush green tree tops among a world-class skyline is precisely what your eyes will be treated to from the magnificent home pictured above. Inside this exclusive condominium home you are immediately greeted by an entrance foyer and gallery that’s an architectural gem in and of itself with striking doors and marble floors. A myriad of windows will make your eyes grow wide with awe as you gaze at views of both Central Park, and the Manhattan skyline. A master suite and comparable guest accommodations afford equally as pleasing vistas. Moreover the Upper East Side vantage point places you among the best shopping in the world offered by the many venerable boutiques that dot Madison Avenue. 

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EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: European Invasion

No boarding pass in needed to experience the fine design of your favorite European regions. Park Avenue’s signature style is full of poise and sophistication, and the regal Parquet de Versailles floors in this home combined with an Imported Italian Fireplace create an environment that will make anyone feel like royalty. An unheard of 60 feet of open space beckons you into the flowing entertainment space that we promise doesn’t exist elsewhere on the Upper East Side . Mirrored walls, French doors, and romantic garden views describe the rest of what this dreamy home has to offer.

 Click here to learn more about this Park Ave gem.


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EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: Windows of the World

It’s true what they say, the best views of the city are seen from the outside and anywhere you stand along the waterfront in Williamsburg will prove that theory. So too, will the panoramic views found at this sprawling home in the heart of North Williamsburg.  A world of windows is literally what you will find as you peer over the East River, and take in sights of Manhattan’s skyline to Brooklyn and beyond. This two-bedroom home boasts the finest amenities from one of the area’s only premier, full service luxury buildings with the added bonus of a 400 foot pier right outside your doorstep. 

Williamsburg is currently one of the most in demand areas for shopping, dining, and all other cultural attractions in New York City making it the perfect time to live there.   

Click here to learn more details and see for yourself why it has the best views of New York City.


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The Barclays Center has already made news as the home of the first professional sports team in Brooklyn since 1957 with the playoff bound Nets,  in addition to hosting record setting performances like Jay-Z’s 8 night stint of completely sold out shows when the venue first opened. Now, Forest City and Shop Architects are resurrecting an eco-friendly vision that will make the Barclays Center stand out even more when compared to arenas across the globe. 

Preliminary plans to cover the arena’s dome with greenery were abandoned, however Forest City Ratner just announced it plans to revisit that idea by covering an expansive part of the giant roof with an abundance of vegetation. Over 130,000 square feet of space will yield small plants and a “soil like cover” as part of a strategic plan to serve dual purposes. Of the many benefits that come with harvesting a massive “green” roof is the propensity for noise reduction, i.e. something the entire neighborhood has explicitly stated they will welcome with open arms. Congruent with a quieter neighborhood is property value, wherein the value of surrounding brownstones in Prospect Heights will only be enhanced provided by the beautiful view of a luscious oversized rooftop garden. 

Further details remind us that we haven’t seen the half of what Atlantic Yards is slated to become. Construction will continue to build 15 towers that boast a total of 6,400 apartments to the area, and a “sprawling white roof with an expanse of greenery” will make the new development much easier on the eyes, and potentially the

“largest and most impressive green roofs in the city and perhaps the country.” 

(Image Courtesy: Shop Architects


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PART I – INSIDE YOUR HOME - Secrets Now Out of the Closet

The look on Carrie’s face said it all, in sheer bewilderment and disbelief she exasperated,

"Where do the shoes go?" To which her agent replied donning a look of comparable angst as she impatiently snipped back, "you get one of those hanging things and throw it over the door."

This scenario from a popular Sex and the City episode depicts a saga so unique to life in New York City like igloos are to Eskimos, that is our ongoing obsession with storage. Hunting for a home with coveted and ample storage can too often become the bane of any New Yorker’s existence. For most, the ability to compartmentalize your belongings like you do your thoughts is a precursor to quality of living, and organized spaces always bode well for an efficient and enjoyable life. In our 3rd installment of Hidden Secrets for sellers, Halstead Property’s expert agents from the entire Tri-State area divulge a handful industry tips to ensure your home is never greeted with a response akin to Bradshaw’s.

Today’s homebuyers have a preconceived and often unwavering set of expectations and “must haves” that need to be met immediately upon seeing a home. Replace the 3 L’s of real estate with space, space and more space, and you have one of the most in-demand factors a home must deliver on.

An overwhelming number of our expert agents agents live by the cardinal rule that first and foremost, before placing your home on the market you must invest time and careful thought into sifting through and emptying out miscellaneous and excess belongings. Because is there anything more of shame than letting a house with great “bones” and potential showing factor fall by the wayside because its overrun with too much stuff? Beginning with those beloved shoes that Carrie spoke so fondly of, Amelia Gewirtz from Halstead’s Westside office cautions that your footwear, clothing and accessories need to follow suit with the current season for an obvious yet overlooked reason. A potential homebuyer is not concerned with whether your passé pair of pumps or loafers are from Winter 12’, but what sense does it make to over cramp your closet with snow boots when it’s the middle of May and flowers are in full bloom? It translates to your inability to properly manage the space that your home presents you with.

Thus all things not in current season should remain out of sight. Cashmere sweaters do not need to freely (or erratically) flow out of your armoire like scarves are not warranted a hanging or folding space if they will not be worn within a 2 week window. This allows buyers to focus on how well your home is positioned to serve their needs, and eliminates giving the impression that your home does not possess enough storage space. It is always best to avoid running the risk of their imagination failing them when it comes time to define what the home is capable of. Put in plain terms that all of us who are pressed for time can empathize with, is Halstead Property Westside office agent, Barak Dunayer who points out:

“You’re going to be packing anyway, so start now and make money doing it.”  

To appeal to anyone under the guise that “time is money,” thus an afternoon could be better spent doing something other than de-cluttering should heed the advice from Halstead’s Nora Ariffin based out of our Village office, who states that for a minimal cost,

“It will go a long way in adding value in the buyer’s eyes. [So] Clean out those closets – buyers want to be able to picture themselves growing into the space, and they won’t be able to do that if it looks like the seller is growing out of it.”

Distraction is one of life’s little mysteries that can either be a really great, or a really bad thing. Through the lens of someone shopping for a home, Gewirtz succinctly imparts that they can “get distracted by [your] stuff and [won’t] look at your space,” indicating an unnecessary, negative form of distraction. In the wise words of Halstead’s Nancy Felcetto from our Hudson Valley office location.

“When in doubt, throw it out.”

Common sense can be fleeting and sometimes result in an unaware state of what we own, “It is amazing the things we consume, and what we don’t need. So declutter, this includes broken and/or unnecessary furniture” continues Felcetto, and to reiterate a common “hidden secret,” this can all be achieved free of cost. It is completely free to clean out your home, however the rewards you’re poised to reap are infinitely more quantifiable. Naturally the next logical question many would pose is what to do with belongings that did not make the “in season” cut, yet understandably so cannot be thrown out? The secret isn’t to live like a gypsy and take pride in owning just the shirt on your back; on the contrary Mary Bezirjian from Halstead Property’s Village office points out that the very best way to “declutter, and depersonalize is to put things in storage.”

Sounds redundant given the task at hand here, right? But reinventing what you consider storage is what it’s all about. Creating a dedicated spot for items not in use is a simple and easy task when there are a myriad of items available that serve dual functionality as home décor and convenient storage compartment. Baskets and bins get a bad rep in our adult life thanks to vividly colored plastic containers found throughout college campus dorm rooms across America. However, if you know where and what to look for,

“Matching baskets can create a streamlined look even if the [contents] inside the basket is hidden chaos,” as Amelia Gewirtz puts it.

Nancy Hardy, Director of Sales in Southampton brings the point home by acknowledging you should “put away all the ‘tchotchkes’ and have the space as clear as possible so that a buyer can envision himself living there” and a cohesive but small arsenal of baskets is our weapon of choice. Who knew the answer to your closet woes and selling obstacles lie in a quick and painless bout of Spring cleaning?

Next in Hidden Secrets for Sellers Part I Cont’d., Secrets In the Paint 


To find more Hidden Secrets for Sellers, click here for the first installment of a III part series Part I - Hidden Secrets Revealed, and here for Part I Cont’d  - Secrets In Your Kitchen.

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In the words of The Boss, we’d love nothing more than to chase the clouds away and wait on a sunny day while laying on this rooftop. If you listen close enough you can hear a collective sigh of relief as residents of the Northeast rejoice that spring is finally here. Sunny and 75 isn’t just a lyric, it describes the perfect conditions for Al Fresco dinners that this well designed terrace is begging to host. Fully equipped with provisions for a full outdoor bar, and a gas hook-up in addition to cable TV under a covered roof area provide peace of mind that even when the sun dips behind the clouds, you’ll still be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of your Upper West Side Penthouse abode. 

Enjoy 3 full floors with your very own private elevator inside, and the chance to brag about a sun-soaked living room with 25’ high ceilings and a total of 4 panel skylights. Sunny and 75, indeed. 

A deeded storage unit, washer and dryer, media room, and enough closet space to justify an endless number of shopping sprees completes this full package. 

Click here to learn more details and see for yourself why it is a rare gem.


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video tour of the dazzling New York City skyline from the 61st Floor home you see here must be worth a million dollars. New York’s iconic cityscape is one of those things like a beautiful sultry sunset, or snow covered mountain tops that you never get tired of looking at. 

There are very few vantage points where you can stand and look to the left, right, up and/or down that offer the same caliber of eye candy as this sought after Penthouse apartment. Located in the heart of Manhattan this home presents you with calming water views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge to the North; and an effortless glance to your East presents you with a view like you’ve never seen before as you peer down over the bright lights of Times Square and take in the flickering lights of both the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. This palatial apartment in the sky comes with two well-appointed bedrooms, and a state of the art kitchen that shines brighter than the lights outside your window with designer appliances and dreamy granite covered counter tops.

Below your penthouse unit are 3 entire floors of amenities that residents at The Orion have become accustomed to including valet, concierge, dry cleaning, and 8,200 square feet of gym space are all at your beck and call. When it’s time to unwind you can choose from multiple spa rooms, a pool, or a handful of sundecks to close your eyes and bask in the sights and sounds of Midtown West


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EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: Treetops and Tulips

Spring has officially landed as evident by the perennial tulip laden tree tops that adorn the flawlessly manicured lawn pictured above. Pristine grass that resembles blades of shiny emerald jewels will make you green with envy for this 5 bedroom colonial home. Hints of traditional New England details linger among the nuanced contemporary renovations that appeal to the homeowner with a modern and active lifestyle with a simultaneous affinity for classic design. Upon entry a grand foyer sweeps you away into the formal living and dining room, where a combined space could serve as the heart of the home. On the contrary, multiple outdoor terraces exploding with both size and beauty vie for our year round affection. 

Click here to let the photos speak for themselves as you discover more about this impressive home in Darien, Connecticut.


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Talk about curb appeal, you cannot help but to be lured in by the formidable aesthetic of the home you see pictured here. Two stone pillars mark the entrance to over 4 private and perfectly manicured acres of land, and you can see how the facade’s intricate stonework is emphasized by understated shingle siding to make this home a true piece of eye candy. A commercial grade kitchen awaits you inside where the open layout gives way to an inviting yet impressive-sized family room with a stone fireplace to marvel at all year long.  Upstairs you’ll find a rare en-suite master bedroom with its very own gym and fitness area; so you no longer have any excuse to skip out on your morning exercises. In addition to all of the aforementioned, the crowned jewel of this property lies in the backyard with an outdoor living space that rivals both of the home’s indoor family rooms. Outdoor living rooms are common, but ones that are complete with a stone fireplace and kitchen like you see above are anything but ordinary.

Summer is just around the corner, and we can’t think of a better setting for our backyard barbecues and grill sessions than on the sprawling acres of land at this fine New Canaan home. Find out more details about this stunning property here


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EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: Cavernous Condo in Chelsea 

More often than not Manhattanites possess an unspoken understanding of forgone outdoor amenities, however Your Eye Candy of the Day featured home proves that is nothing but a myth. If you find yourself longing for summer nights spent grilling under the stars with the New York City skyline behind your back, then look no further as the sizeable property you see pictured above is fit to host unforgettable summer soiree’s on 675 square feet of private, outdoor space. Top of the line, state-of-the-art stainless steel outdoor grill, included. It’s the perfect remedy for when you’re stuck at the office a little too long on a summer evening and decide to postpone driving to the Hamptons until the weekend. A master suite is complimented by 2 additional large bedrooms on the second level, and the beautiful hardwood floors are found throughout the entire 1,825 square foot home. 

You can find the best of townhouse living inside one of Manhattan’s most sought after full-service condominium buildings, in the even more sought after neighborhood of Chelsea. Coveted outdoor space in a coveted downtown neighborhood sounds like the perfect summer in the city to us. 

Click here to learn more about this condominium home, and to discover all of the possibilities that living in Chelsea has to offer. 


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EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: Hoboken’s Highway to Heaven

If the proverbial highway to heaven exists it is here in what is arguably the finest home on the market in Metro New Jersey. A massive 3,850 square foot penthouse with a wrap around terrace presents you with the most sought after views of the New York City skyline from a 360 degree vantage point. If only these panoramic vistas were the icing on the cake, but alas it gets even better when you consider the sheer scale of this home that elsewhere rivals a 4-story suburban mega mansion. Inside you’ll be delighted to find a gourmet kitchen that’s chock full of state-of-the-art appliances that at first sight is fit to make any chef smile like a kid on Christmas morning.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, a fully loaded custom-built wet bar complete with your very own Kegerator with taps most certainly will. Whether you like it or not, your house will be the epicenter of all things super bowl, world series, or championship game related due to the most ideal space for entertaining. Best of all you can move the party outside to your private terrace and you still won’t miss a beat. Throughout this 4-tiered home you’ll further find four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a strikingly beautiful stone gas fireplace.  

Click here to learn more about Hoboken’s largest ever penthouse condo offering.


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EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: Contemporary and Chic in Connecticut 

There is nothing cookie-cutter about this modernly constructed condominium home in Greenwich, CT. The surrounding area is well-known for bucolic and storybook like estates, and it’s often this idyllic setting that attracts people to the neighborhood; However the home you see pictured above breaks the mold in a most exciting way. It retains an understated yet well-appointed presence through modern and contemporary design to give it that downtown Manhattan loft-like vibe. Just look at those clean lines just barely separating room from room, yet still providing a distinctly compartmentalized living space for the comforts we’ve come to expect from a sprawling suburban home.   

If your spatial reasoning is off kilter rest assured that the sheer scope of it all will not be lost on you, since the soaring 16-foot high ceilings will serve as a constant reminder as will an abundance of over-sized windows. A striking kitchen will take your breath away with nuances from European inspired design elements that creates a perfect synergy with top-of-the-line appliances for a truly gourmet work-space. A completely landscaped rooftop boasts a second state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen to give fun-in-the-sun a whole new meaning. You’ll find 3 truly grandiose bedrooms inside along with terraces off of each level. 

Let Halstead Property’s virtually staged snapshot above inspire you to click here to learn more about this home. 


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Silence noise from the outside world by your lakeside home in Cooperstown, New York that’s just far enough away from it all to enjoy at a moment’s notice. The scenery you see pictured above is the stuff where summer memories are made while you and your loved ones sit idly by the water’s edge for what will seem like a welcomed stretch of eternal peacefulness. This private lakefront getaway is conveniently hidden just 2 miles from the hustle and bustle of Main Street and less than a mile from renowned attractions like the historic Fenimore Art Museum and the Farmers Museum, plus the best of shopping and dining that Cooperstown has to offer.  

The best has yet to be mentioned as your safe haven will forever remain that way since the sprawling, privately landscaped property is entirely protected and bound around all parameters from any future development thanks to the Otsego Land Trust; so you can kick your feet up in those inviting looking Adirondack chairs and rest assured you won’t be interrupted by any noisy intruders. When the elements prevent you from basking in the outdoor seating area, you can seek refuge inside the sprawling home with a two-story wall of windows so you’ll never miss another dazzling sunset as it glimmers across the lake. The home further boasts not one, but two Master Bedrooms and a gourmet chef’s kitchen so you can entertain as many guests as you please. Should want to permanently welcome one or two of said guests, show them to spacious the apartment studio located in the accompanying two-story barn that even Red Riding hood herself would approve of.   

Click here to treat yourself to more lakeside eye candy and to learn more details of this stunning property. 


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The Queensway - “The Next Highline”

The Highline is the crown jewel of Chelsea and possibly even Manhattan, and now Queens is closer to getting it’s very own version of everyone’s favorite elevated park. Rumors have been circling for quite some time now that plans to emulate a 3.5 mile, 47 acre stretch  of abandoned train tracks in Queens into The Queensway were brewing. It will become the 2nd of its kind as NYC has pioneered the way for elevated public spaces as pedestrian and bicycle pathways. Runners, joggers, revelers, and everyone in between will be connected by an abandoned section of the Rockaway Rail Line along the Long Island Railroad  that will connect Queens from Rego Park, to Forest Hills, Richmond Hill, and Ozone Park.

"The project will provide a new public green space, celebrating the cultural diversity of Queens with art, sculpture, and food from around the world” – Friends of the Queensway

Friends of the Queensway (akin to Friends of the Highline) along with the Trust for Public Land just released 2 design renderings as a preview of what the transformation might behold. With input from the public during community workshops that will be held on March 24th and March 26th, these 2 designs represent the future of Queens’ newest park. The renderings come at a perfect time as New Yorker’s welcome warm air and sunnier skies with open arms after a long and arduous winter, and Astoria is the newest “it” member on NYC’s foodie and shopping scene joining the ranks of Williamsburg, and Harlem. 

Stay tuned for more officials details from continued coverage on the Halstead Blog, and visit The Queensway on Facebook to learn how you can be a part of upcoming community workshops, and provide input to the future designs of New York City’s next elevated park. 

(Image Courtesy: The Queensway)


Visit Halstead Property on Foursquare to learn more about the best dining around the Highline in Chelsea and the newest member, The Queensway, and for hundreds of other neighborhood tips throughout the Tri-State Area.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Sandy Wilson - Director of Sales, Harlem 

Sandy WilsonHalstead Property’s Harlem Director of Sales spearheaded a company wide initiative in response the events in East Harlem. In the wake of the explosion and building collapse that left an entire community in a state of disaster, we asked our neighbors to join us for Halstead Helping Hands Harlem Relief efforts. Sandy was instrumental in coordinating a clothing and food drive at our new Harlem Office location at 2169 Frederick Douglass Blvd which acted as the staging site. 

It is with much appreciation and sincere thanks to the community’s kindness and generosity that we donated over 75 bags of items to victims and those in need. 

In response to this outpouring of support from the entire Halstead Property family of both agents and staff, as well as local community members, Sandy graciously stated that

“It has been our pleasure to help. We hope that we have contributed in some small way to aid the victims. The Halstead Family never ceases to amaze me with the generosity.”

Click here to see photos and learn more Halstead’s Helping Hands Support Harlem relief efforts. 

For those that still wish to give donations or monetary gifts to relief efforts may do so through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC and the ongoing effort to aid those affected by the building collapse.

Visit our website to connect with Sandy Wilson and our Halstead Property Harlem local expert agents.


For more info on how to work with Halstead Property and to learn more about Halstead Helping Hands, you may contact us at Social@Halstead.com.

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