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In the past few years, burger joints and restaurants have been popping up all over the city with claims of making the “Best Burger”… but who really does make the best burger? The quality of beef used, cheeses, toppings and bread all come into play in making this challenging decision. Although it all comes down to personal preference, there are certain burgers that unarguably stand above the rest and The team at Eater NY have surveyed New York City and compiled a list of 15 Epic NY Burgers to Eat Before You Die.

Here are the Top 5 mouthwatering burgers that made the cut based on the expert opinions of our local mavens, our agents interpretation of Eater NY’s list:

#5 - The Cheeseburger at Veselka

This burger from Ukranian restaurant, Veselka, uses delicious bread from the renowned Amy’s bakery and lean, fresh ground chuck and your choice of cheese including Vermont cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack or American.

144 Second Ave or 9 East 1st Street, www.veselka.com

#4 - The Original db Burger at db Bistro Moderne

A Meat Lover’s delight! This is definitely not your everyday American burger, with foie gras and truffles making up the center of the burger, the Original db Burger has a middle layer of braised short ribs and an outside layer of ground sirloin. (Make sure you have extra napkins on hand for this because it is guaranteed to make a mess!)

55 West 44th Street, www.danielnyc.com

#3 - The Spotted Pig Burger at the Spotted Pig

As the 2nd runner up, this chargrilled burger patty is not only juicy and filling but topped with Roquefort cheese (a type of blue cheese) on a grilled brioche bun and topped with a mound of shoestring fries.

314 W 11th Street, www.thespottedpig.com

#2 - Shakeburger at the Shake Shack

Where there are long lines, there must be good food! This definitely holds true for one of New York City’s favorite burger joints, Shake Shack. Their classic burger is nothing fancy, but has a bold flavor and is served on a soft potato roll with their own special creamy shack sauce that leaves its customers dying to return for more.

For all of their locations visit their website, www.shakeshack.com/

#1 - The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern

Coined the Citizen Kane of hamburgers, the patty is made of premium dry aged steak, brisket and skirt steak from Creekstone Farms then topped with sweet caramelized onions. This burger is a little pricier than the rest, but if you want the best burger in Manhattan, this is where it’s at!

113 Macdougal Street (between bleecker and 3rd St.) www.minettatavernny.com.

Do you like to watch your meal being prepared? Or do you just like to watch the fascinating show put on by the amazing chef and their team? Either way, there is no shortage of open kitchens in New York City and with holiday parties and gatherings in abundance right now, it’s the perfect type of place to enjoy a night of great food in an even better atmosphere with your friends and family. The Breslin, Brushstroke, and Brooklyn Fare are some famous establishments known for their open kitchen concepts.  (Image Courtesy: Eater.com)

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