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Sales & The City - Try Walking In My Shoes

Episode 24 - By Sara Rotter, Halstead Property Executive Director of Sales, Downtown Offices

Ever walked in someone else’s shoes?  I did, but not the way you might be thinking….it was last week in my “bare feet only” yoga class….hmmm.  So during the first segment of the deep breathing exercise, there was a man positioned behind me that was making all of these disruptive and loud noises- snorting, coughing and grunting- you name it!  I found myself unable to focus on the breathing because all of my thoughts and attention were on how inconsiderate this guy was to disrupt our peaceful class.  I then pondered how I could get him to stop- I tried glancing through the mirror to try to tell him to quiet down with my eyes.  Didn’t work.  ;)  I then escalated my passive aggressive strategy to looking a bit perturbed, hoping he would notice.  He didn’t even look my way.  What to do next?  Nothing.  I just tried to get back to my practice and got pulled away occasionally by bursts of noise.  UGH!  A solid 15 minutes into what I thought would be a very long 90 minute class with this “bliss offender,” I paused for a moment and looked at his face- I noticed some twitching in his facial muscles and my heart sank.  It was clear to me that he must have had a physiological issue that he could not control. 

In that moment, everything flipped upside down. 

I sent him love, compassion, and strength with my eyes and my heart.  It was in that class that I was reminded that in our busy every day world, we often react very harshly when people or things do not act or go the way we want.  Without knowing where a person is coming from, we deal with everything according to our pre-conceived ideas of what should be.  Instead, if we opened our hearts more and had compassion for the people around us that we interact with, things in life- relationships, business, and all in between - might go a lot smoother, with less drama. 

So a big P.S to my story above - from the moment I realized where that man was coming from, and felt compassion instead of annoyed, I didn’t hear a sound for the rest of the class.  It existed but I didn’t hear it.

I wanted to share this so that the next time someone you love is short with you, or some stranger bumps into you, or things don’t go your way in your business dealings, instead of reacting and getting upset - try to pause and know that whether they were right or wrong, that they might be coming from a tougher place than you in that moment…and when you realize that, it’s a lot easier to calmly let it go and go about your day without any more “noise” in your head about it. 

Now the fun part- THE SHOES!!  Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, Prada, Nike, Cole Hann, you name it, I’m walking in them!  Happy Walking in Other People’s Shoes! 

Connect and network with Sara via email or on her executive profile page.


Thoughts of Sales and The City are those of Sara Rotter and do not necessarily reflect official opinions of Halstead Property, LLC

Named By NY Post as One of The Power Women Driving The NYC Luxury Real Estate Industry

In yesterday’s New York Post, our CEO Diane M. Ramirez was highlighted as one of the Top Executives in New York City Real Estate. They sat down with Diane for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts from the piece.

Taken from the Alexa Section of the June 11th NY Post:

Year she launched the company: In 1984, with her business partner Clark Halstead. “We were very much marketing-minded,” she says, at a time when brokerages were still “very mom-and-pop.” She moved up to president in 1999. “Elizabeth Stribling already had Stribling, Barbara Corcoran was a great and colorful leader, Dottie and Howard Lorber bought Elliman, and then Pam Liebman took the reins for Corcoran,” she recalls. “There were a lot of great women out there in the early days.”

Known for: Working with her peers to bring polish and define best practices in what was a fairly rag-tag industry.

Breakthrough deal: Just as she stepped into management, she was closing a major deal: an East Side townhouse bought by Calvin Klein. “That was my last deal. It was on for $6.5 million and we got a bidding war going, and it sold at $500,000 over ask — a record at that time.”

Next big thing: Halstead just expanded in Hoboken and tripled in size in Harlem. “And we are the first major firm to open in Bed-Stuy. We’re very excited about that.”

Personal mantra: A quote from Andrew Jackson resonates with Ramirez: “Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.”

State of the industry: “I may be tri-state, but New York is the sun: everything revolves around New York,” she says. “Everywhere I go, everyone wants to know how NYC is doing.”

Fun fact: Ramirez has a DIY streak. “I have bought and sold 30 apartments of my own,” she says. “I love to buy a wreck and renovate it.”


Taken from the Real Deal Magazine Exclusive Story that ran today, June 26, 2013

"Halstead Property President Diane Ramirez has been promoted to serve as the brokerage’s first-ever CEO, the firm said in a statement toThe Real Deal. James Gricar, Halstead’s general sales manager, will fill her shoes by taking the role of president.

“We’ve come a long way — we’re a much larger and deeper firm now,” thus necessitating the additional role, Ramirez told The Real Deal.

Ramirez, who held the president title for 14 years, co-founded the firm in 1984 with Clark Halstead. She was a sales agent until 1987, which is when she took the role of director of sales — specifically managing the East Side office — and a partner until 2001, when Terra Holdings acquired the firm.

“For the last 14 years, Diane has served as the president of the firm and she has established Halstead Property as a top real estate player in the tri-state area,” Terra Holdings co-chairmen David Burris, Kent Swig, Arthur Zeckendorf and William Lie Zeckendorf, said in a prepared statement announcing the promotions. “Halstead is the firm that [it] is today based on her incredible business acumen and we are so pleased to have her continued leadership and guidance.”

The brokerage has grown over the past decade. It has more than doubled in size, with over 1,000 agents and 28 offices throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut under its belt. In Manhattan, Halstead has 617 agents, or 3 percent more than the 600 tallied in 2012, according to The Real Deal‘s most recent ranking.

“Strategic growth is a very healthy thing for a company of our size and our strength,” Ramirez said.

Halstead recently acquired the assets of Brooklyn brokerage Aguayo Real Estate, which brought its presence in the borough to five offices, as The Real Deal reported. The firm also recently added a Washington Heights office by purchasing the assets of Stein-Perry Real Estate. And a month before that, Halstead announced that it would open a new office inSouthampton Village, as The Real Deal reported.

Ramirez, who was named one of the nation’s most influential real estate leaders early this year by Inman News, will continue to helm the firm’s strategic growth. She will also continue to oversee Halstead’s marketing, technology, communications and relocations divisions.

“Expansion down the line is a priority,” Ramirez said. “Smart, strategic expansion is what we keep our eyes open to.”

Gricar, who in 15 years climbed from agent to president, will focus on marketing and the Halstead brand, among other tasks.

“Working hand-in-hand with Diane on new initiatives, Jim has worked to enhance the overall brand of Halstead with great success and we are excited to see him excel in his new role as president,” Terra’s co-chairmen said in the release.

Richard Grossman, executive director of sales for Downtown, has been promoted to executive vice president, managing director. Sara Rotter, director of sales for Downtown, will take his executive role. In addition, Trish Martin has been named executive director of sales for Brooklyn and Eugene Cordano has been promoted to executive director of sales for New Jersey.


We were so proud to see our President Diane Ramirez recently in the April Avenue Magazine feature “Real Estate Artists" and dubbed "The Visionary" for her creativity and innovative leadership of the company she runs, Halstead Property.  The article highlighted the Superstars in New York City Real Estate in a retro Hollywood-esque themed photo spread.  Other Halstead Property superstars featured we General Sales Manager Jim Gricar, Executive Vice President and Listing Broker of the Year Brian Lewis, and Executive Vice President and one of Halstead’s top brokers Louise Phillips Forbes.

View the entire article here.

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