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File this under your “Only in New York” folder, but if you are not heading out to the Hamptons this weekend, we just might have something for you.  This Memorial Day Weekend on Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will be the site of the 6th Annual Zombie Crawl.  The bizarre event looks like a scene straight out of an episode of The Walking Dead.  It is frequented by hundreds of costumed pub crawlers that look like they just might prefer brains over brew.  

We share this event for two reasons…

1)  To provide New Yorkers with information on potentially attending this unique event

2) To provide Williamsburg residents as a public service announcement that the undead are not actually taking over Brooklyn any time soon.  

The activities scheduled beyond the crawl include contests, raffles, giveaways, a Misfits cover band, and much more.  The event begins at 3:30pm at Trash Bar and then continues throughout the dead of the night.  Don’t forget, be sure to come dressed as one of the non-living if you wish to join the ‘crawl’.  For more information visit here.

Image Courtesy: Paul Ker (c)

Are You Ready For Manhattanhenge 2012?

While it’s still more than a few months away, the dates for this truly spectacular and unique to New York City sunset have been announced.  At sunset on May 29/30thth and July 11/12th, the sun will be perfectly aligned with the Manhattan street grid to beam a red and orange hue that illuminates both the north and south sides of every cross street on the grid.  What makes Manhattan so poised for a perfectly aligned sunset is the islands layout, which from the right vantage points, allows for crystal clear views to the horizon across the Hudson River to New Jersey, in combination with skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building that line the streets to create an ideal vertical framework for the setting sun.  It’s a highly anticipated moment for many, as we’re sure the majority of people think to escape the city for such a romantic, clear sunset rather than stay put.

(Image Courtesy: mrnonrespondo)

Just in time for the most celebrated chocolate eating/gifting holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Earth opened its’ doors to New Yorkers at 4pm this afternoon in DUMBO.  Owner and concept creator, Conrad Miller, has a simple goal for us “to get the most amazing chocolate to the most amazing people!”  Why do we suggest you head there?  Well, you can find rare assortments and brands from all over the world hosting over 20 different brands and 80 types of artisan and craft chocolate bars, all supporting fair trade and sustainability causes.  Foodies and those with a sweet-tooth are encouraged to think of it as a “wine store, but for chocolate.”  Now, the only question is, which type of Chocolate do we try first!  

Chocolate Earth is located at The Shops at 145 Front Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn

Do you like to watch your meal being prepared? Or do you just like to watch the fascinating show put on by the amazing chef and their team? Either way, there is no shortage of open kitchens in New York City and with holiday parties and gatherings in abundance right now, it’s the perfect type of place to enjoy a night of great food in an even better atmosphere with your friends and family. The Breslin, Brushstroke, and Brooklyn Fare are some famous establishments known for their open kitchen concepts.  (Image Courtesy: Eater.com)

With the Holiday season in full swing, it’s so useful to know where you can get your hands on that perfect Christmas tree.  Gothamist has kindly compiled an interactive map of where to find the city’s Christmas Tree Vendors.  They are still soliciting tips though for where vendors are located in other boroughs, so if you know of one, help them (and everyone else out) and submit a vendor! Image Courtesy: Gothamist.com

Beat the Thanksgiving day crowds and go see the pre-parade excitement as crews inflate the 44 “novelty/ornament balloons” and the 15 enormous character balloons, such as Time Burton’s B. Boy, Buzz Lightyear, Spider-Man and many more.  Details on where to catch all the pre-parade festivities on Thanksgiving Eve can be found here. (Image Courtesy: Gothamist.com)

While we’re excited in anticipation of this years’ parade and anxious to see how the balloons and floats will top previous years, check out these images from Gothamist of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade circa the days when only black and white images were all that existed.


Attention New Yorkers: Do you have a fond Thanksgiving Day tradition that you would like to share, and potentially have archived in an exhibit at the New York Public Library?  

The New York Public Library is soliciting submissions for recipes, photos, stories, videos and audio clips of everyone’s turkey day traditions to create an exhibit slated to open in 2012. They want to know everything from the planning details, the prep work, to the trials and tribulations and they state that “Whatever your tradition, it’s part of the melting pot that is lunch in New York, and we will gobble it right up.”  Now is the perfect time to submit your traditions as you’re planning for next weeks feast. More information on the exhibit and how to submit can be found here. (image courtesy: nypl.org)

Can’t get out of the office for a walk to Central Park?  No worries because Google has taken steps for all of the park to be viewable in the popular “Street View” on Google Maps.  The Google team will capture images and 360 degree street views of 58 miles of paths, all while the park is decorated with autumn colored leaves.

Pencil this into your social calendar: The New Yorker’s 7th annual Passport to the Arts event is this Saturday, November 12, where you can embark on a self-guided tour of Chelsea galleries, enjoy an evening cocktail gala and do a  good deed by participating in a silent auction benefitting the CUE Art Foundation.  Ticketholders also get a custom designed New Yorker passport that gets stamped at each gallery along the tour with model artwork from various featured artists.  More information can be found here.  

Talk about Door to Door Service.  What do you think about this secret train recently uncovered that was once used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt that ran just beneath the famed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel?  Photos courtesy of gothamist.com. 

Ever wonder how long it would take to build a Lego model of the Manhattan Bridge? 35 hours according to one man from Brooklyn.  Photos courtesy of Gothamist.com

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be interested to know Gothamist has revealed where you can find a festive Candy Corn bagel at the Bagel Store in Williamsburg, located at 247 Bedford Avenue.

A very interesting look at the Miniature Model of Manhattan (circa 1946) that has mysteriously disappeared……

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