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By Elaine Tross, Halstead Property Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker and Dog Lover

Welcome to the dog days of summer, boy is it hot, hot, hot out there. Especially on hot city pavements with minimal winds to bring a quick cool relief from the heat. But pets still need to be walked every day – so it is important to make sure you take precaution before stepping outside:

1. Avoid the hot pavement - Sometimes it’s hard in the city, but if possible, try to walk on the shaded side of the street. And take the shortest distance possible to the dog walk or closest grass.

2. Stay in the shade - Not only is it better for your pets feet, it’s better overall to stay in the shaded areas as much as possible, especially if you’re out for a longer walk.

3. Bring water - Yes here in NYC you can find water on every street corner. But it’s always safe to bring a bottle with you as well. You might get lost in Central Park (it happens to all of us), or end up chatting with a friend at the dog park longer than usual. Don’t let you or your pup get dehydrated in this heat!

4. Try to take your walks during the cooler times of day - Mornings and evenings are always cooler than going for walks at mid-noon. It will also give the sidewalks and hot pavement time to cool off as well.

5. Know your pups limits - Remember if they are aging, like my Max, they can’t be outside or journey as far as they could in their younger years, so don’t push them too hard on hot days.

Don’t laugh, but I had a carriage made for Max, which I purchased when he had a broken leg. Now, it works WONDERS on hot days and we want to go to Central Park and take long walks!

Visit Elaine’s Pet Friendly Manhattan Real Estate website for more content. Thoughts of Reason to Paws are those of Elaine Tross and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC

Dining in the dark: An extrasensory experience not for the faint of heart

The much anticipated wait is finally over, Dans Le Noir is now open in NYC.  The infamous culinary and social experience made popular by Parisians has landed in Times Square, and it’s all the rave amongst foodies and adventure seeking types.  It’s wise to think of it as just that-an experience, and not just another night out to eat.  It’s common knowledge that your senses are heightened when not all of them are properly functioning, and that’s the exact premise behind this innovative restaurant concept.  By inviting guests into the pitch black dining room, they’ll be forced to “completely re-evaluate the notions of taste and smell” via “gastronomical and pedagogical process.” 

Your perceptions of taste, smell and even sound will be challenged and enhanced as you relinquish control and place faith in your personalized guides for the evening.  All you need is an open mind and an excited attitude to fully enjoy the surprise tasting menu and wine selections.  They’ve even created 4 different menus to choose from to accommodate patrons with certain dining restrictions, such as a gluten free or a vegetarian option.  The only requirements are that you must be 18 years old to enter, and you must sign a waiver form.  You’re also advised not to dress in your Sunday best, as some of us are clumsy enough even with the lights on.  While it’s a serious affair with all the necessary precautions taken, such as placing personal belongings in a locker and leaving valuables over $300 with the staff; it’s an exciting and fun event that even the pickiest of eaters should try.  Be sure to visit their website for more information, and for a full list of FAQs.

Dans Le Noir, 246 West 38th Street, New York. (212) 575-1671

Your Neighborhood at a Glance: Fusion Film Festival

The ninth annual Fusion Film Festival is being held from March 1st through March 3rd throughout different locations at New York University and is completely free. The innovative and student-run event features networking opportunities, sessions on television production, conversations with alumni from the film programs at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and, of course, films. This festival is one of the few in the country that is devoted to the education, promotion and celebration of women in today’s film industry.

The festival will commence with a screening of ‘The Dish & the Spoon’ on Thursday, March 1st at 7pm, followed by a Q&A session with the film’s director Alison Bagnall and star Greta Gerwig. For a full list of the events, click here, and for a detailed description of all events, click here. All events and screenings are free, but seating is done on a first-come-first-serve basis, so be sure to get there early. This year’s festival is sure to be informative and entertaining.

Spring has sprung on Park Ave

Each year since 1980, the Fund for Park Avenue has been responsible for the beautifying and maintenance of the Park Avenue Malls.  Flowers, plants and sculptures are carefully chosen to adorn the many strips of green space along New York’s most storied and iconic Avenue.  Street revelers typically aren’t graced with the flowers’ presence until some time in April, but this years extraordinarily mild winter (or lack thereof winter…) has sprouted these little signs of spring into early bloom.  The 60,000 yellow tulips we’ll soon see blanketing the middle grounds of Park Ave are Darwin hybrid and Golden Oxford.  When enjoying the tulips don’t forget to stop by our Flagship Office on Park Avenue at 499 Park on the 14th & 15th floors. 

(Image Courtesy: New York City Daily Photo)

Your Neighborhood at a Glance: Scavenger Hunts in NYC

Think you know New York City? Do you know the secrets of every neighborhood? The hidden gems, the shortcuts, the buildings? What about the landmarks? Can you navigate the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Natural History without a problem? What about Central Park or Grand Central? If you feel like you’re an expert on everything there is to know about NYC, or if you want to gain more knowledge, a fun activity for you to do with friends would be a scavenger hunt.  

Now, we’re not talking about an amateur scavenger hunt here, this is serious business. Watson Adventures is an acclaimed company that provides professional scavenger hunts in New York City that have earned rave reviews. Their goal is to help people “discover secrets of museums, historic neighborhoods and beyond while tackling witty, tricky questions.” Some of the specific hunts that they provide include The Secrets of Central Park, The Gangsters’ New York in Chinatown and Little Italy, The Grand Central Scramble, The Ghosts of Greenwich Village, The Murder at the Met, The Murder at the Museum of Natural History, The Skyline Scavenger Hunt in Brooklyn Heights, The Wild Wildlife at the Bronx Zoo, and many more. 

Teams of up to six people are paired together to take on the tricky and sometimes humorous questions about the objects and places discovered. If you don’t have a full team, they’ll pair you with other hunters at the start of each event. No knowledge of any hunt location is necessary. Advanced ticket purchase is required and can be done through the website.

Your Neighborhood at a Glance: Animals on Broadway

Have you visited Columbus Circle recently and noticed the enormous elephants? What about the gigantic kiwi bird at West 72nd Street? Or the four ostriches perched between 86th and 87th Street? If you continue walking up Broadway, all the way up to 168th Street, you will notice an entire zoo of animals dotting your path. What exactly is going on here? 

Stretching from Columbus Circle all the way up to Mitchell Square Park is an awe-inspiring outdoor exhibition of sculptures made by internationally renowned artist, Peter Woytuk. Presented by the Broadway Mall Association, and in conjunction with the NYC Parks Department and The Morrison Gallery, the installments span a 5.5 mile stretch through the neighborhoods of the Upper West Side, Morningside Heights, Harlem and Washington Heights.  

Woytuk’s sizable sculptures are eye-catching and thought provoking, they play with scale and color and pair the animals with inanimate objects, such as tools and fruit. For instance, at 67th Street there is a sculpture of a giant bear balancing himself on a large green apple, and at 96th Street sits a raven perched atop a large and dilapidated watering can. A full map of the outdoor exhibit can be found here. For those looking to learn more about the sculptures, there is a number to call (212-901-3310) that is offering a full cell-phone tour, complete with the artist’s own interpretation of his work. 

We absolutely love this outdoor exhibit and can not help but to stop and ponder the artist’s sculptures as we walk along Broadway. Our personal favorites are the massive elephant pair found in Columbus Circle, which total an impressive 14,500 pounds, and the two graceful and majestic bulls that conclude the exhibit at Mitchell Square Park. They both make very fitting and profound bookends to this outdoor exhibit in New York City.   

(Image Courtesy: artobserver.com)

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