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Official Statement by Diane M. Ramirez, CEO & James M. Gricar, President

It is with great pride to announce that Halstead has finalized the asset purchase of REAction International, a boutique sales and rental firm in Manhattan. Ellie Wald, the founder and a top-ranked broker, will be joining our Park Avenue office of Halstead Property effective immediately and will be working as a broker with a team of 6 outstanding agents who each bring their own extraordinary talents to the firm. In addition, approximately 20 fabulous agents will be joining Halstead offices depending on their neighborhood expertise.

Ellie has established a strong reputation in the real estate marketplace as a dedicated, innovative and international broker who goes above and beyond for his clients and customers. With nearly 14 years of real estate experience and having completed more than 1,300 real estate transactions, Ellie is an active member of the real estate community and he is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York. A native of South Africa, he grew up in Israel and came to the United States 15 years ago with $3,000 and a dream where he quickly delved into the real estate industry and became a top producing agent in Manhattan.  He started his own firm in 2010 which quickly grew to a considerable amount of agents. 

Welcome to Halstead Property!


By: Ann Deane, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Halstead Property Westside Office. 

Open since last June, Silvana in Harlem features live music 7 nights a week and is the sister club of Shrine that’s located further north on Adam Clayton Boulevard and 133rd Street. These two venues represent the last of a dying breed of night clubs featuring  live music in what used to be a rich culture. When I was at Silvana I had the treat of hearing Afro-pop music of Timbila that featured sounds from Mali and Madagascar. They jammed well and featured the Kora, a finger guitar-harp instrument from West Africa.  Afterwards, Feedel, an Ethiopian band that hails from Washington, DC took the stage and played a full hour and a half set. 

In addition to enjoying great music, we ate falafel with a creamy tahini sauce that was light and airy, and Sabich which is a traditional egg sandwich that features a fluffy potato chip as a Silvana touch (pictured above). Another must try is the lamb shawarma, every bite was tasty and juicy. The venue also  features a boutique and café upstairs. 

Connect with Ann on her agent website to learn more about her and the neighborhood. 


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Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Anne Deane and do not reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.

EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: Windows of the World

It’s true what they say, the best views of the city are seen from the outside and anywhere you stand along the waterfront in Williamsburg will prove that theory. So too, will the panoramic views found at this sprawling home in the heart of North Williamsburg.  A world of windows is literally what you will find as you peer over the East River, and take in sights of Manhattan’s skyline to Brooklyn and beyond. This two-bedroom home boasts the finest amenities from one of the area’s only premier, full service luxury buildings with the added bonus of a 400 foot pier right outside your doorstep. 

Williamsburg is currently one of the most in demand areas for shopping, dining, and all other cultural attractions in New York City making it the perfect time to live there.   

Click here to learn more details and see for yourself why it has the best views of New York City.


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By: Kleopatra Phili, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Halstead Property Westside Office. 

In an effort to share a variety of experiences with you, and do something other than take photos of upcoming new residential developments, I took an art class called “Koi Fish With Flowers” at the Painting Lounge in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood.

I thought there would be very little variation to the final paintings, since the outline was provided for us, and instructions were given on how to mix the paints and where to apply them.  But the end result was 26 very different works, like 26 different personalities, or 26 different new construction residential condominium buildings. 

“Everyone is guaranteed to leave with a painting they can be proud of”– that’s a quote from the Painting Lounge website. And this is true.  I was very proud of my painting.  It was only when I got home and propped it up on the windowsill that I realized … two of my Koi fish looked like parrots doing a backstroke.

From my experience, I’ve concluded that I like to draw within the lines (but I can still be creative within those lines); the same task, in different hands, comes out quite unique; and there is joy in creating something that requires the hand to coordinate with the eye and the mind.  But, the greatest insight I gained is, New York is an acrylic painting. 

There are outlines within which a developer may draw, to adhere to lot size, and zoning regulations (or get a variance).  But within those boundaries, there are admirable modifications to existing structures (15MSW), or details as delicate as cherry blossoms (441 E. 57th St.), or iconic works in progress (400 PAS).  There are steady changes underway in Manhattan, like a steady stream of art students taking a class at the Painting Lounge.

I’m more inspired now than ever to keep taking photos of upcoming new developments and determine what will emerge on those sites, and who is redefining New York. I aim to be the first one in the door to represent you if you wish to buy pre-construction. Because the early Koi-parrot gets the apartment – at the best price. 

Learn more about Greenwich Village and all of New York City’s neighborhoods by connecting with Kleo on her agent website.


Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Kleo’s and do not reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.


Greening Your Home 

By: Jason Christie, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson from our Harlem Office.

In my life as a Real Estate Agent, homeowners are always asking me about ways to make their properties stand out.   Greening your home through home improvements that improve it’s energy efficiency is a great way to increase the value of your home for sale and lower expenses while you are there. 

Only 6% of American homeowners heat their homes with oil but 80% of these homeowners live in the Northeast.  Oil prices may fluctuate but they always trend up and these homeowners are feeling the squeeze as they watch their heating budgets balloon as oil prices rise to over $4.00/gallon. Natural gas customers also have a lot to be concerned about. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, pipeline constraints in the northeastern States combined with increased cold-weather-driven demand helped to push natural gas prices up 75% in New England last year and 61% in NY.  The price will continue to get worse with colder weather in the region. 

Natural gas prices in America have remained historically low due to our huge bounties of it and the energy boom led by hydraulic fracturing. Drillers have actually shut down their wells because it costs more to pump the gas than it can be sold for. The fix for them is, in a word; export. These natural gas producers can make three times more money shipping their supplies to Europe and five times as much shipping it to Japan. These profits are compelling incentives and after a two year study by the Department of Energy asserting exports would be a net gain for our economy, export licenses have already been issued and industry experts expect the pace of licensing to quicken.  Say goodbye to low gas prices in the U.S. 

So what’s a homeowner to do?  Join the heat pump revolution. There are two types of heat pumps: air-source and geothermal heat pumps (GHPs).  Air source pulls heat indoors from the outdoor air in winter and from the indoors to the outside during summer. A GHP extracts heat from indoor air when it’s hot outside but when it’s cold outside it draws heat into the home from the ground.   Either would do the trick of keeping your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer.   GHPs can be prohibitively expensive though and are usually considered during a new construction.  Air-source heat pumps (also called mini splits or ductless mini splits) are less expensive to install and with today’s technology,   they can extract heat from ambient air at temperatures as low as -5° F.  

This technology has been around for about 50 years and has been very popular across Europe and Asia for the last 30. Many warm-state U.S. residents will recognize the wall mounted indoor units as they are frequently used for air conditioning in those areas.   Even third world countries are beginning to leap frog over the U.S and using this technology over oil or gas based systems.  On a recent trip to Jamaica I saw them being used in commercial establishments all over the island including the resort in Kingston where my friends and I stayed.  Another trip to Costa Rica had us trekking into the jungle where a local cabin proprietor promised us air conditioning.  We were doubtful but very happy to find a heat pump air conditioner in our little cabin; we were very comfortable during our stay.  

To connect with Jason and continue the conversation, email him or visit his agent website.


Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Jason Christie and do not reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.

WHAT’S UP(TOWN) – Mount Morris Park

By: Adrian Thompkins & Shebrelle Hunter-Green

Welcome to the latest What’s Uptown blog post about neighborhood happenings this week. 

This week’s architectural spotlight is on Mount Morris Park, a landmark section of Central Harlem with an unusually rich history, even by historic standards. It’s a history of contrast: Boss Tweed’s cronies and critics resided there, and long-term neglect was followed by infusion of (embezzled) cash and landfills that produced incredible beauty.

Designated in 1971, it was one of the first landmarked districts by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission. According to the NYC Department of Planning, the proper boundaries are from West 118th Street to West 124th Street between Fifth Avenue to Seventh Avenue (Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd). Included in this area is West 122nd street, also known as Doctor’s Row.  (The father of Richard Rogers, of Rogers and Hammerstein fame, was one notable doctor.)  In 1839, it was given the name Mount Morris Square, and it served as a lookout point for Native Americans as well as nature retreat for early New Yorker’s through the 1870’s. The plans for what was then Mount Morris Square were completed in 1840, but the plans for landscaping languished until 1869.

The landscaping was directed by civil servant Ignatz A. Pilat, who also worked with Frederick Law Olmsted during the creation of Central Park.  City Hall’s role in the development of this particular part of the city wasn’t just routine—this area became home—and cash cow—to “Boss” Tweed’s cronies. The elegant rows of neo Grec, Romanesque Revival, and of course Queen Anne homes, owe more than a little to the tens of millions of dollars “appropriated” by Tammany Hallers, who transformed Mount Morris swampland into Fifth Avenue quality homes.

Fast forward to the 1970’s, when the area earned landmark status in 1971, the year after Richard Rogers donated the amphitheater to his old neighborhood. (He first lived at 3 West 120th before his father practiced on West 122nd.) 1973 saw the name of the park changed to Marcus Garvey Park,in honor of the the well known Pan African leader. The same year, the Park was placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places.

What: Coffee Grinder at Lenox Coffeea monthly Thursday night event for the LGBT community of Central Harlem.  Features Live DJ. Free

When: April 10th 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Where: Lenox Coffee, 60 West 129th Street, Harlem, NY 

What: Trial attorney and NBC news analyst, Lisa Bloom discusses her new book Suspicion Nation”.

When: April 11th, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Where: Harlem State Office Building, 163 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027

Pick of the Week:

What: The Cathedral in Context: Spotlight on Morningside Heights” This two hour event is an illustrated walking tour of the neighborhood and its historic architecture and institutions. The tour begins at Saint John’s Cathedral and ends at Riverside Church.

When:  April 12th, 10:00 AM - 12 PM 

Where: 1047 Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street, New York, NY 10025

What: “Easter Eggstravaganza” The Church’s annual Easter egg workshop, recommended for children ages 4 and up.  The organizers ask that you bring two hard-boiled eggs per child and that you make reservations for this event by contacting them at 212-932-7314. Cost is $8.00 per child.

When: April 12th, 10:00 AM - 12 PM

Where: Visitor Center, 1047 Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street, New York, NY 10025

What: “Choral Evensong” The Cathedral Choir performs traditional Anglican communion prayers.

When: April 13th 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Where: The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, 1047 Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street, New York, NY 10025

What: ”Talks at the Schomburg: Motown + FashionMichael Dinwiddie, president of the Black Theater Network and associate professor at Gallatin School (NYU) will moderate a discussion, featuring designer Emilio Sosa, and fashionista Michaela Angela Davis on the impact of Motown on fashion trends : This is a free event but please click here to register in advance. 

When: April 17th, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM 

Where: Langston Hughes Auditorium at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 515 Malcolm X Blvd, New YorkNY 10030

What:In Her Skin: Celebrating Women: You are The Perfect Woman.”  Eight female artists share what it’s like to be in her skin and present the beauty, talent, flawlessness and lovely imperfections of women. Exhibiting Artists include: Amy Theard, Beatrice Lebreton, Brittani Sensabough, Capucine Bourcart, Kennedy Yanko, Makeba Rainey, Margaret Rose Vendryes, and Marthalicia Matarrita.  RSVP here

When: Through May 18th

Where:  La Maison d’Art Gallery 259 West 132nd  Street. 

Connect with us on Adrian’s agent website and on Shebrelle’s agent website to learn more about the neighborhood, and for all of your real estate needs.


Thoughts of What’s Up (Town) are those of Adrian Thompkins and Shebrelle Hunter-Greene and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC

Spring Cleaning

By: Amy HermanLicensed Real Estate Salesperson, Halstead Property Park Avenue Office.

Spring is finally here! There was a collective sigh in my yoga class yesterday when the instructor said, "Set your intention and just as a bonus she added,It appears light coats from this day onward. We can be extra grateful after our beyond freezing winter.” Alright so now I am that girl whose mind doesn’t stay on yoga and races to sorting my closets and bringing my spring wardrobe up to it’s spot front and center and putting away the artillery of down coats, wool and cashmere items, etc. Thank goodness for all the storage in my new co-op apartment.

Perhaps your mind is now on your own closets or even spring cleaning. It is that time of year again. April showers bring May flowers. I am all about spring cleaning, in fact, I recommend to all my clients they do this annually so that when they do decide to sell again they don’t have a huge mess to juggle both time and energy-wise.

So that’s my first tip to sellers who are just putting their properties onto the market now.

1. Organize and sort your closets. People do look inside them! The more organized the better plus if you are able to show off the space this way (by de-cluttering the rest of the apartment), you are ahead of the game!

Five is a great number so here are my top 4 additional tips for staging:

2. After you put all of the unnecessary books and such away, color-code bookshelves (Did you ever see this done? Somehow the bookshelf becomes art and every time I walk inside a home where a seller or designer has done this, things seem orderly and stunning).

3. Make sure the kitchen is spotless and potentially add a few topiaries or small potted greenery on a windowsill if you have one! The green reminds people that it’s spring time and adds a little extra special touch no matter what type of kitchen you own. Stage your kitchen like it’s a little showroom. Buy a simple white pretty dish towel to place over the oven handle and put all pots away in an organized fashion.

4. Small investments go a long way! If you have been thinking your place will show dark, it probably will. A few ways to lighten up the space include buying white or natural colored linen pillows (you can find them in all shapes and sizes online). Now, if you have super dark furniture be careful with this one, in fact, go for something in between your furniture color and white, please). You can also take dark curtains or blinds down and replace them with white or off-white window coverings.  (I know this is easier said than done but it all depends on how much of a bidding war you want to get into!)  Additionally you can certainly easily purchase white towels and lighten up the bathroom by discarding any dark or colored towels. I also tried something really fun recently in my own bathroom which I love to look at. I matched my super tailored bath mat with the color of the gray slate floor. The bathroom looked 3 feet larger immediately and less messy. So matching the mat with the actual floor color is my new hot tip! 

5. Add a few more elegant and simple touches if you have the budget. Try and find a new entryway runner which may update the home (if you don’t have one already). Take everything off the coffee table and grab a beautiful thick coffee table book from the bookstore or a friend (again if you don’t have one already). Possibly grab a new white duvet cover or something light and airy looking along with pillowcases to match so the bedroom looks put together and polished). Maybe even get rid of that unsightly lamp and get a new contemporary one with a crystal base and neutral shade. You can always take all of these beautiful and clean additions to your new home so the more neutral the better! People seem to always love a neutral palette. 


Connect with Amy on her agent website or find her on twitter to ask her a question of your own.

Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Amy Herman and do not reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.


Always nice to share how the Halstead Umbrellas we gift to our clients are being put to good use! We received this photo via twitter to @Halstead today from NYC based Director/Producer Ann Marie Duross who is travelling through Paris today and luckily we kept her dry in her travels!

Have fun, Ann Marie, enjoy your time in La Ville-Lumière!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video tour of the dazzling New York City skyline from the 61st Floor home you see here must be worth a million dollars. New York’s iconic cityscape is one of those things like a beautiful sultry sunset, or snow covered mountain tops that you never get tired of looking at. 

There are very few vantage points where you can stand and look to the left, right, up and/or down that offer the same caliber of eye candy as this sought after Penthouse apartment. Located in the heart of Manhattan this home presents you with calming water views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge to the North; and an effortless glance to your East presents you with a view like you’ve never seen before as you peer down over the bright lights of Times Square and take in the flickering lights of both the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. This palatial apartment in the sky comes with two well-appointed bedrooms, and a state of the art kitchen that shines brighter than the lights outside your window with designer appliances and dreamy granite covered counter tops.

Below your penthouse unit are 3 entire floors of amenities that residents at The Orion have become accustomed to including valet, concierge, dry cleaning, and 8,200 square feet of gym space are all at your beck and call. When it’s time to unwind you can choose from multiple spa rooms, a pool, or a handful of sundecks to close your eyes and bask in the sights and sounds of Midtown West


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By Renee Fishman, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker – Village Office

It was a blistering hot day in 1974 when my grandparents went to see a house in Hewlett Harbor, a small town on Long Island’s south shore. It was the type of oppressive New York summer day where your clothes stick to you and the heat hangs in the air with a heaviness that pushes back as you try to walk through it. They toured the inside of the house before the real estate agent escorted them to view the backyard. The entire property was less than a half-acre, and the neighboring houses were in close proximity; yet the property’s location on an inlet to the harbor and the breathtaking setting made it feel like an isolated oasis.

A swimming pool occupied most of the backyard. There was a small, grassy, shaded area to the side of the house. A separate cabana with changing rooms, showers and a kitchenette. A stairway at the edge of the property led to the dock. Across the inlet was a lush green golf course of a local country club. My grandparents were not even 4 miles away from their current home, yet, standing there, they felt like they were in a completely different world. The crystal blue waters of the swimming pool glistened under the light of the mid-day sun, drawing their attention and tempting them with a promise of relief from the searing heat. And there, standing chest-deep in the sparkling water, clearly luxuriating in the refreshing oasis, was the home’s owner. He welcomed them to his home. He stretched out his arms wide as though he would scoop up the entire landscape and he said,

“On a day like today, it’s worth a million dollars.”

My grandparents bought the house.

Defining “Worth”

Before I share the lesson from this story, let’s step back to define what we are talking about. First, recognize that we are talking here about worth and not market value. They are often used interchangeably. They can, and often do, influence each other. They are not the same. Market Value is an objective metric that approximates the value of your home based on the recent selling prices of similar homes in your area. Worth is what a qualified buyer is willing to pay for your home. It is a qualitative assessment made by the buyer and is based on whatever criteria the buyer determines to be relevant. It is a purely subjective metric. Second, it should be clear based on my definition that worth is determined by the buyer. Before you start to tell me how extensively you renovated your home or what you spent on various amenities or improvements, recognize that once you decide to sell your home, none of that matters unless it matters to the buyer. Third, recognize that the lesson here applies beyond the context of selling your home. I am certain that, as an Owner, you would like your prospects, clients and customers to be willing to pay more for your product, service, program, ideas or anything else you sell. This is a fundamental principle regardless of what you are selling.

Increasing Worth

For the record, my grandparents did not pay a million dollars for that home. A million dollars was a lot of money in 1974 (I wasn’t yet born, so I’m basing this on what I’ve been told). The owner was not suggesting that my grandparents should pay a million dollars for his home. This was a conversation about worth, not market value. The lesson here comes not from what the owner said, but rather from what he communicated. A feeling. A promise. A picture of a compelling future.

Underneath his words was a message:

"There will be other hot days like today, and you will be standing here in the pool, feeling refreshed in the cool water and enjoying these beautiful surroundings. When you have grandchildren, they will come to visit you here. They will swim with you in this pool and you will take them out on the harbor in your boat. This home will be the centerpiece for your family gatherings. You will create lasting memories here. This is worth more than you can imagine. " 

With one sentence and some hand gestures, he opened a door and allowed my grandparents to create an emotional connection with his home.

Emotion is the true currency of life.

When a buyer feels emotionally connected to — and invested in — what you are selling, the buyer will be willing to pay more for it. It really is that simple.

The determination of “what it’s worth” is a decision, and like all decisions, it is based on emotion. We then find facts to support our decisions.

Certainly, all buyers have their checklists for what they want and need in a home. And just like in all matters of the heart, when an emotional connection is created, the list of “criteria” falls by the wayside. An emotional connection trumps the checklist. Every time.

To make whatever you are selling worth more, you must create a way for the buyer to connect and invest emotionally.

How to create an emotional connection with your buyer is a separate topic, and I’ll leave that for another time. In the meantime, think about this in connection with your business. After all, if you can increase what buyers are willing to pay you for whatever you are selling… well, what’s that worth to you?

Share your answers with me in the comments section below this post, or continue the discussion with me on Twitter @reneefishman.  

Taken from April Owner Magazine digital publication.


To learn more and connect with Renee, visit Halstead.com/ReneeFishman.

Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Renee Fishman and do not reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.

EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: Treetops and Tulips

Spring has officially landed as evident by the perennial tulip laden tree tops that adorn the flawlessly manicured lawn pictured above. Pristine grass that resembles blades of shiny emerald jewels will make you green with envy for this 5 bedroom colonial home. Hints of traditional New England details linger among the nuanced contemporary renovations that appeal to the homeowner with a modern and active lifestyle with a simultaneous affinity for classic design. Upon entry a grand foyer sweeps you away into the formal living and dining room, where a combined space could serve as the heart of the home. On the contrary, multiple outdoor terraces exploding with both size and beauty vie for our year round affection. 

Click here to let the photos speak for themselves as you discover more about this impressive home in Darien, Connecticut.


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Talk about curb appeal, you cannot help but to be lured in by the formidable aesthetic of the home you see pictured here. Two stone pillars mark the entrance to over 4 private and perfectly manicured acres of land, and you can see how the facade’s intricate stonework is emphasized by understated shingle siding to make this home a true piece of eye candy. A commercial grade kitchen awaits you inside where the open layout gives way to an inviting yet impressive-sized family room with a stone fireplace to marvel at all year long.  Upstairs you’ll find a rare en-suite master bedroom with its very own gym and fitness area; so you no longer have any excuse to skip out on your morning exercises. In addition to all of the aforementioned, the crowned jewel of this property lies in the backyard with an outdoor living space that rivals both of the home’s indoor family rooms. Outdoor living rooms are common, but ones that are complete with a stone fireplace and kitchen like you see above are anything but ordinary.

Summer is just around the corner, and we can’t think of a better setting for our backyard barbecues and grill sessions than on the sprawling acres of land at this fine New Canaan home. Find out more details about this stunning property here


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Edward Durell Stone is known for designing some of the most well-known buildings throughout the world. Many of his designs are inspired by world renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. After visiting Wright’s Taliesin estate in Spring Green, Wisconsin, Stone was deeply inspired by the home’s remarkable beauty. He used the Taliesin as inspiration to design some of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century. His architectural masterpieces include the Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, the National Geographic Society building, the John F. Kennedy Building Performing Arts Center in Washington D.C., and the U.S Embassy in New Delhi, India. Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side remains the Edward Durrell Stone building, which was redesigned externally by Stone. 

Less than an hour from the city, Halstead Property is very fortunate to have two Connecticut homes on the market designed by this amazing architect. You can find the beautiful designs of Edward Durell Stone at 3 Dogwood Lane in the Tokeneke neighborhood of Darien, and 614 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd, also in Darien. 

3 Dogwood Lane is a modern beauty that boasts Stone’s creative intentions. Settled in the private coveted community of Tokeneke, this stunning 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house sits on an acre of land. Stone incorporated feng shui principles into his design using cypress wood throughout the home and intricate details such as brick lattice wall work, as seen in the photos above. A tranquil koi pond, rock gardens and Japanese maples enhance the feng shui of the home entirely. It has attracted many prospective buyers, including some with interest in renovating and even entirely raising the historical home. Hicks Stone (Edward’s son who is also an architect) has expressed that he would love to see the home remain in the community. You can view more photos of this distinctly designed home here, and connect with Halstead’s Mary Lopiano from our Darien Office over email to learn more. 

The second of Stone’s classic homes resides in the northern part of Darien, close to New Canaan. This contemporary work of art encompasses a 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath that sits on 1.6 acres of land. An in-ground swimming pool (Pictured above) with bluestone terrace highlights the yard and landscape. The Stucco building was built in 1938 and offers a true vintage feel featuring a wall of windows, high ceilings and glass sliding doors throughout. Stone’s strong appreciation for art deco cruise ships reveals itself in the style of this home. Halsead’s Eillen Hanford attests to the incredible results from a recent remodeling project in 2008. To learn more about this property you can connect with Eileen Hanford, also from Halstead’s Darien office over email, or visit her agent website.

Needless to say this is a rare and extraordinary opportunity to own one of Stone’s iconic homes.  Click here to connect with any of our Fairfield County expert agents to discover more about this and other featured properties throughout the Tri-State area.

By: Meaghan Dickinson, Communications Coordinator


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The 5 Biggest Credit Myths

By: Lauren Rowland, Rising Point Solutions and Contributions By: Jennifer Roberts, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Halstead Property West Side office. 

"Paying bills on time will improve my credit score"

While it is definitely a good start, it is not the only thing that needs to be done. Since 35% of your score is based on your payments being on time, it is essential but it will only continue to raise your credit score slowly over time. Remember that if payment history only accounts for 35%, there is still 65% of your score that has nothing to do with missing payments.

"Cancelling credit cards that you haven’t used in a while will increase your credit score"

Cancelling unused credit cards can actually hurt your credit score. Since 10% of your score is based on the length of your credit history, it is a good idea to keep the oldest credit card open.

"When you get a divorce, your accounts automatically divorce with you"

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have a joint account and one of the parties on the account is late, you are both late. With some types of loans, such as a mortgage or a car loan, the lender may not accept a letter asking you to be removed from the account after a divorce even if that property is going to your ex-spouse. They will need to qualify for the loan on their own before you will be removed from the account. Take this into consideration because if they don’t refinance, and then have late payments, you may find yourself with some credit issues. When possible, close all joint accounts and refinance any debt separately. If it is not possible, maintain some type of control, whether it is an escrow account or at least access to information to make sure the accounts are paid on time. Don’t assume.

"You have to make a huge financial mistake for your credit score to be negatively affected"

You don’t have to be fielding collection calls at all hours for your score to suffer. In fact, one late payment can be detrimental, sometimes upwards of 110 points off your credit score. For one late payment!! Also, something as simple as opening up a few store credit cards for the promotional discount can make you look like a credit risk.

 ”Short sales are better than foreclosures”

The assumption is that a short sale is actually better for your credit score than a foreclosure. But in reality, they have the same effect. It is certainly better for the neighborhood housing prices than foreclosure, but from a credit score perspective, there is no difference.

"Do not dispute items with the bureaus online"

This is the worst thing you can do when trying to help your credit score because when the user signs up, they are agreeing to the disclaimers (which everyone does NOT read) stating that once the information comes back, they are agreeing to whatever results the bureaus decide. There is no going back and disputing again.


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EYE CANDY OF THE DAY: Hoboken’s Highway to Heaven

If the proverbial highway to heaven exists it is here in what is arguably the finest home on the market in Metro New Jersey. A massive 3,850 square foot penthouse with a wrap around terrace presents you with the most sought after views of the New York City skyline from a 360 degree vantage point. If only these panoramic vistas were the icing on the cake, but alas it gets even better when you consider the sheer scale of this home that elsewhere rivals a 4-story suburban mega mansion. Inside you’ll be delighted to find a gourmet kitchen that’s chock full of state-of-the-art appliances that at first sight is fit to make any chef smile like a kid on Christmas morning.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, a fully loaded custom-built wet bar complete with your very own Kegerator with taps most certainly will. Whether you like it or not, your house will be the epicenter of all things super bowl, world series, or championship game related due to the most ideal space for entertaining. Best of all you can move the party outside to your private terrace and you still won’t miss a beat. Throughout this 4-tiered home you’ll further find four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a strikingly beautiful stone gas fireplace.  

Click here to learn more about Hoboken’s largest ever penthouse condo offering.


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