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This triplex penthouse with a private rooftop terrace combines old-world charm with modern elegance inside a house that is nearly two centuries old on a bucolic tree-lined street in the heart of Chelsea. The apartment has a total interior footprint of approximately 1,500 square feet, and its most prominent feature is a remarkable 300 square foot private and planted rooftop terrace joined with the indoors via a wall of sliding glass doors to create a virtually seamless 600 square foot indoor/outdoor space that offers unparalleled open views above Chelsea’s landmarked Historic District, and a sweeping panorama of Midtown and the New York City skyline. Three-floors of interior living space currently present 3 total baths and 2 bedrooms with configurations to add additional windowed-rooms, and the  bathroom on the top floor features large double doors and a skylight inviting you to take a bath in the oversized tub while enjoying the view out across your private terrace of the Empire State Building.

Click here to discover more about this extraordinary Penthouse property. 


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Made in New York - An Ode to the Captain

Have to give credit to Gatorade for producing this amazing commercial honoring the Captain, the Prince of our city, Derek Jeter. 

From all of us who help sell this great city, we wish you well in your future endeavors and thank you for being such an amazing ambassador and representative of New York City.


Never Hurts to Be First in Real Estate

By: Perry Roth, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Halstead Property Westside Office. 

You cannot contain your excitement. You just went to the first open house of a gorgeous two bedroom condo on the Upper West Side that is clearly your DREAM HOUSE,  and the beautiful building has an amazing gym and spectacular roof deck to boot. Furthermore, after carefully doing your homework with your broker, the seller’s asking price is not too ridiculous, just slightly above what comparable apartments in the neighborhood have been going to contract at. You really want the apartment, but you do not want to appear too eager, so wouldn’t it be a great idea to wait a couple of weeks and maybe look at a couple of other units in other buildings to feel more secure?

Well, you would be absolutely wrong. Just like you never forget your first true love in life, a seller never forgets, and tends to be very loyal, to her first true offer, provided that it is a reasonable and well qualified offer. For instance, let’s say the two bedroom condo goes to market at a pretty reasonable price of $2 million. You submit a well qualified offer of $1.95 million putting 50% down in cash, but you waited 10 days after it hit the market. In the meantime, the seller received an offer of $1.95 million the first day his apartment hit the market, but the buyer is only willing to put 30% down. So you think you are in a stronger negotiating position for the apartment? Well, you be dead wrong. The seller has had a full 10 days to become emotionally invested in the first offer. The seller likes the $1.95 million offer (he did not think his apartment would sell for more than $1.9 million based on the comp), but he would love to get $1.975 million. So what does he do? Most likely, the seller tells his first true love (first offer) that he will send a contract out to him for $1.975 million. If the seller feels a little nervous about the apartment appraising for its full value, or the first buyer’s ability to obtain a mortgage, he might also request that the buyer put more money down. In most cases, the seller will remain faithful to his first true love (first offer) unless he or she lets him down (does not do what is asked). So guess what, the first buyer gets a contract sent out to his real estate attorney for $1.975 million and only has to put 30% down. In the meantime, the poor neglected second buyer really wants the apartment badly, but is told by the seller that he already made a deal with his first true love, but will send out a second contract at the full price of $2 million in case his first buyer gets cold feet. You reluctantly say yes because you know where you stand in the pecking order.

Still think it pays to wait to make that offer?

You can connect with Perry and his team over email or visit his agent website to learn more.


Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Perry Roth and do not reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC. 


You can have the very best of urban living in this luxuriously modern waterfront Townhouse located at The Edge, one of the most sought after condominium buildings in Williamsburg.  This stunning 2,530 square-foot home features a private entrance, and sweeping views of the Manhattan Skyline and East River State Park from both inside and outside from a private balcony. A master suite occupies the second-floor with two additional bedrooms that connect to a generous balcony where you’ll find more of those sweeping NYC and East River views.

The Edge is the preeminent luxury condominium building in Williamsburg with a caliber of unmatched services and amenities that include an indoor pool, steam and sauna room, full size indoor basketball court, both a yoga and dance studio, virtual golf, a 24-hour doorman and staff, movie screening rooms, lounges, a parking garage, and so much more.

Click here to learn more about this remarkable property. 


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By: Team Hermann, Licensed Real Estate Salesteam at Halstead Property’s Washington Heights Office.

Hear ye, hear ye, all hail the 2014 Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park

Every autumn, the scenic hills and dales of Fort Tryon Park in Northern Manhattan are transformed into a Medieval Kingdom, complete with a cast of kings and queens, jousters and jesters, and even a castle. This year’s Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park is on September 28th, from 11:30AM to 6PM.

It includes medieval music, dance, crafts, drama, comedy, puppets and games for all the members of your royal family.  It’s a great opportunity to visit the park that is already a favorite destination for all New York City residents, particularly those interested in the period art and architecture that is The Cloisters. Within it’s authentic halls, you can see a suit of armor and period tapestries that depict the life and times of the people in Medieval Europe, then return to the Festival and enjoy live tournaments with knights, horses and carriages.  

The park offers a lovely backdrop for a picnic over looking the scenic Hudson River and the majestic Palisades, and there is always the Royal Food Court at the festival.  You might also consider a short stroll to the heart of Hudson Heights, to try one of a variety of restaurants along 187th Street or Fort Washington Avenue. My personal favorite is Rusty Mackerel, just off 187th St. on Pinehurst Ave. (A reservation is recommended.)  Finally, after a regal repast, and if you are considering looking for a castle of your very own, you can visit us, Team Hermann, at the Halstead Property Washington Heights office located at 819 West 187th Street. 

Be, then, my lords and ladies, till the Festival.

Visit Team Hermann’s website and connect with RoseAnn Hermann over email, and George Hermann over email to learn more.


Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of RoseAnn and George Hermann and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.


By: Madeleine Dale, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, West Side Office.

On Sunday September 21, thousands will assemble at 11:30 for the People’s Climate March.  Be prepared for crowds.  The event starts on 86th Street and Central Park West, continues down 6th Ave to 42nd street and ends on 11th Ave and 34th Street.  325 groups, including 350.org , Greenpeace and  World Wildlife Fund  have organized the public action to coincide with the opening of the UN Climate Summit.

Truth be told, the people are doing their part. New Yorkers  recycled 600 million pounds or garbage, almost 1 million pounds of clothing and ½ a million pounds of electronics and reusable goods.  Efficiency measures like thermostatic adjustments, switching incandescent light bulbs to CFLs and fuel efficient vehicles have curbed the rise of national CO2 emissions from 20tons per person in 2000 to 17 tons.  Still, on a per person basis, the U.S. ranks third (trailing Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates). Individuals plucking the low hanging fruit just don’t have the muscle to grapple with significant offenders like power plants which account for 40% of the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.  

As a result of burning fossil fuels the planet is  on the edge of 5 major tipping points:  artic  melting, global temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius, ocean acidification, tundra methane release and CO2 in the atmosphere crossing 400 parts per million.  Horror shows on the weather channel are just a taste of potential disasters in the wake of crossing these red lines.  While it’s too late to turn back the clock on the amount of greenhouse gasses already in the atmosphere, the goal is to prevent a day after.  Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org and environmental historian has noted “even if we do everything right at this point, 2 degrees is about as good as we can hope for.”

Since 1992, the U.S. has ignored carbon caps first proposed at the Earth Summit.  Locally, NYC is equally guilty of playing ostrich.   Some of the lowest-lying areas on the shoreline are slated for development.  Commercial revival in locations flooded during Hurricane Sandy s shows “Resilience.”  Resilience is not immunity and proving that a place can bounce back from an isolated event provides a false sense of security.  Fossil fuels are the basis of industrial society but carbon caps won’t pull the rug out from under civilization.  Currently viable energy options account for a 30% mix of renewables on the German electrical grid.  The problem is a shortage of wisdom i.e., the focus on the Keystone Pipeline to transport extracted tar sands that will exacerbate CO2 emissions as opposed to a pipeline for water from Canada to drought stricken California.

The People’s March is a call to prioritize.  Since the burst of collaborative energy in the 1970s brought about the Clean Air Act of 1970, Endangered Species Act of 1973 and Clean Drinking Water Act of 1974, the environment has taken a back seat.  Now stress on the planet has expanded the mandate from concerns about safety to concerns about survival.  Marchers in NYC on Sunday will be joined by groups in Rio, Paris, Deli and London to raise the banner for action  on the even of  the UN Climate Summit.

To connect with me you can contact me over email, or visit my agent website to learn more.


Thoughts of Eco Logic are those of Madeleine Dale and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.


Nothing says welcome home like an entry foyer like this with a pair of stately pillar columns that give way to an exceptionally renovated apartment on West End Avenue. Grand living and prewar sophistication abound as your eyes wander down the hallway where a colossal great room and formal dining room area with massive picture windows and beautiful hardwood floors await your company. The 5 bedroom cooperative home also boasts a generously sized eat-in-kitchen with a lovely Juliette balcony for priceless old world charm.

Click here to learn more about this apartment located in a full-service Upper West Side cooperative building.


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Just half a block from Central Park you will find this calming city oasis where the scent of crisp, cool autumn air and warm afternoon sun beckons you to sit down and relax. The beautifully landscaped south facing garden lies on the grounds of a stately landmarked townhouse with easy-access from a creatively designed four room duplex on the Upper West Side with an open layout and hardwood floors throughout. Enter the garden level great room that reveals an open kitchen with romantic recessed lighting, and make your way to a gracious sized bedroom on the same level that is currently used as a den, while a lower level boasts two bonus rooms with direct access to the picturesque private garden that is decked for ease of entertaining, and is landscaped with trees and a rainbow of colored flowers.

Click here to discover more about this landmark brownstone home.  


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By: Olga Bidun, Licensed Associate Real Estate Salesperson Halstead Property Westside Office.

In August I was fortunate to visit the country of my birth – Belarus - to visit my family and friends, and to relax from the hustle and bustle of New York City.  Belarus is one of the former Soviet Republics.  It is nestled between Russia, Poland and the Ukraine.  While the capital, Minsk, is a European city of almost 2 million people, most of the country is covered with breathtaking pine forests and lakes.  When visiting, I compared notes with a real estate agent from Minsk and I hope you’ll find what I discovered interesting:

All Rooms are Not Counted Equally:

First of all, when you talk about the size of the apartment in Minsk, you count all of the rooms except kitchen and bathrooms.  For example, if you’d like to buy a 2BR, 1BA apartment with a family room in Minsk, you and your agent would be looking for a “three room” apartment.

Comparing Size, Price, Rates & Fees:

In Belarus, they also measure the apartments differently than in New York – buyers and sellers think of the size in square meters, rather than square feet.   The conversion is straightforward, just multiply the size of your Minsk apartment by 10.8 to get the approximate size in square feet.

The Average Price per Sq. Ft:

  • Minsk $167
  • NYC $1,200 
  • NYC Premium 719%

Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax):

  • Minsk $560 
  • NYC $4,300 
  • NYC Premium 768%

Mortgage Interest Rate: 

  • Minsk 33.53%  
  • NYC 4.1%
  • NYC Premium 818%

Sample Price of a 2000 Sq Ft Apartment:

  • Minsk $334,000 
  • NYC $2,400,000  
  • NYC Premium 719%

Estimated Monthly Payment Based Upon 20% down:

  • Minsk $7,500 
  • NYC $9,300 
  • NYC Premium 124%

As you can see from the findings above, Minsk offers great value – if you don’t have to finance your mortgage at over 33%! Unlike New York where the seller pays the broker, in Belarus, it’s the buyer who pays the broker’s fee of somewhere between 2-4%. One of the similarities is that the Russian buyers are making their way there as well. 


Whether in Manhattan or Minsk, the best way to navigate through the sometimes foreign process of buying an apartment is to work with a licensed real estate agent to ensure that your interests are always foremost and that cumbersome paperwork is managed seamlessly.

Connect with me over email or visit my agent website to learn more about the best New York City neighborhood tips, and for all of your New York City real estate needs. 


Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Olga Bidun and do not reflect the official opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.


Tucked away along the East Side of Midtown Manhattan is an esteemed enclave of historically grand old townhouses and stately prewar residential apartment buildings known as Beekman Place. Spanning just  2 bucolic blocks between East 49th and East 51st Streets on an esteemed, idyllic bluff overlooking the East River - it is one of the shortest streets on the island of Manhattan where due to the unique and secluded character has attracted a continuously changing roster of prominent residents, including Paul Rudolph, one of the most celebrated and innovative American architects of the 20th century.

The influential modernist and former dean of the Yale School of Architecture purchased a neo-Georgian townhouse at 23 Beekman Place in 1976. The now internationally celebrated structure is recognized as the most important modernist living space in New York City with an unmistakable three-story steel-and-concrete penthouse jutting out above the street. The present day exterior of Rudolph’s nine-story townhouse has remained virtually unchanged over decades of undergoing transformations and renovations, and while Rudolph completed only six buildings in New York City - 23 Beekman Place stands out as one of the artists most personal and experimental designs throughout his prolific career.

The now-famous and remarkable cantilevered penthouse earned two awards from the American Institute of Architecture and was described by architect-critic Michael Sorkin as,

 “one of the most amazing pieces of modern urban domestic architecture produced in this country,”

A structure of four interconnected levels of the penthouse are encompassed by cantilevered floors, mezzanines, bridges, floating stairs, steel beams, and pergolas. Furthermore, Rudolph’s obsession with reflective surfaces can be seen throughout, as he wanted natural light to pour through top-to-bottom with wedged mirrors and Mylar everywhere. From the foyer, you can see up through various slits and peepholes to the roof, while many of the rooms boast levitating stairs with light deflecting from every angle.

Halstead Property is pleased to represent the the three-floor duplex gem where wondrous East River views can be found among all the famed characteristics of architecture royalty, Paul Rudolph.


Click here to see more of this legendary Manhattan residence, and visit the agent websites of Halstead property’s Joanne Rockett and Jeffrey Peckage to learn more.


Live like the Jeffersons’ once said, “movin’ on up, to a deluxe apartment in the sky…”  At thisstriking condominium in Murray Hill Kips Bay, you can see all around you from within the corner unit living room with floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the entire New York City skyline. Couldn’t you get used to staring idly at iconic landmarks like both the Chrysler and MetLife buildings with tranquil views of the East River and Long Island City in your periphery? We sure could. It’s evident that the one-bedroom apartment has been meticulously maintained due to the shear beauty and noticeably quality of hardwood strip floors throughout, granite counter tops, maple cabinets and a luxurious marble bathroom.  A round the clock concierge and doorman are at your beck and call within this renowned full-service condominium building.  

Click here to discover more about this marvelous Manhattan condominium. 


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By: Joann Wasserman, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker Halstead Property Village Office.

I have lived and worked in the Flatiron District for the past seven years, and have loved every minute of it. It’s such a great neighborhood with so many wonderful hidden gems. I figured what better way to kick off the Fall season than to share some of my favorite foodie hot spots with you. Below are five places to go if you find yourself with a hearty appetite in the Flatiron District:

1. Obica Mozzarella Bar located at 928 Broadway is Classic Italian cuisine. The owner, Raimondo Boggia is from Milan, Italy and has introduced his own family recipes with handmade mozzarella that is flown in from Campania, Italy twice a week. It is perfectly smooth and pillowy soft texture cheese and  is protected designation of origin. Though known for its mozzarella, the eatery has a nice menu of non-cheese dishes including the Antipasti, Insalate, Pizze, Zuppe,Pasta E Riso, and Carni E Pesci –All from organic and local farmers. The simple dish of Branzino (sea bass) with white beans, vegetables and roasted cherry tomatoes is a dish any Italian would recognize. Obica is a Roman experience for lunch or dinner, and it is simply delicious.

2. Maison Kayser located at 921 Broadway has the best baguette in the city. The chocolate almond croissants sell out very quickly, so grab a diving tasting macchiato or cappuccino and get in line! In addition to celebrated baked good, the authentic French menu features organic chicken, butter lettuce, mixed greens shaved fennel pine nuts roasted cherry tomatoes & oranges or chilled lobster, arugula, avocado, shaved fennel, citrus segments, and scallions with tomato vinaigrette. Al fresco dining is made possible with a charming BYOB outdoor seating area, and Flatiron Wines is conveniently located next door with  a fine selection of exceptional wines starting at $15.00.

3. KOA - Flatiron located at 12 West 21st Street is an established favorite in Sag Harbor with Chef Bryan Emperor at the stove and Hiro Sawatari at the Sushi Bar. The emphasis is on inventive sushi like yuzu trout and chile- spiced tuna including Japanese sea bass with puffed rice, poster garlic and miso butter. The secret menu item, General KOA’s chicken, is succulent with sweet glazed chicken and  a little pepper on the side. I would recommend coming for appetizers and a few rounds of sake to enjoy the inspiration by the Iron Chef of Japan.

4. Cafe El Presidente -  I love this little tacquerita at 30 West 24th Street. The owner, Dario Wolos is serving freshly made corn tortillas, accompanied by homemade escabeche, salsa, and rona y salsa verde. All of the tacos are made with the highest quality sustainably sourced product with a list of farms available upon request. A fan favorite is El Pastor De Madison, a mexican city-style spit-roasted berkshire pork, thinly sliced with pineapple, onions and cilantro. One taste of Horchata with dark rum and fresh squeeze watermelon juice, or black bean sweet potatoes that are naturally sweet and very flavorful will prove why it is the best Mexican in the city!

5. Rohm Thai located at 27 East 20th Street. This affordable date night restaurant offers authentic home style Thai cuisine served by candlelight with cozy exposed brick walls. Among my favorite menu items are Chicken Pod Thai and Khang Massaman curry, or go out of your comfort zone and try house specialties such as Ped Lao Dang crispy boneless duck with red wine and vegetables. This is the perfect place for a different experience, and a great price point combined with a hip ambiance makes it a home run!

Connect with me over email or visit my agent website to learn more about the best Flatiron neighborhood tips, and for all of your New York City real estate needs. 


Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Joann Wasserman and do not reflect the official opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.


By: Liz Yu Chiang, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Halstead Property Park Avenue Office. 

Carnegie Hill has always been a desirable neighborhood because of its historic architecture, proximity to Central Park, easy access to Museum Mile, and its convenient location near elite Manhattan private schools.  As a Carnegie Hill resident for the last 10 years, I have seen the neighborhood slowly evolve and recently revamp many of its store fronts. The neighborhood continues to maintain its charm and intimacy while also adding many luxury conveniences.  Now, there are even more reasons to love this neighborhood! I am excited to share with you a list of the best new attractions to check out in Carnegie Hill: 

Via Quadranno - One of the best cappuccinos in the city can soon be found here on Madison Ave between 88th and 89th Street in the heart of Carnegie Hill. 

Maison Kayser - Paris has arrived in the Carnegie Hill area and brought the finest croissants! Located at 1294 Third Avenue. 

Whole Foods Market - Finally! The Upper East Side will get its own Whole Foods coming to the corner of Third Avenue and 87th Street in December 2014. 

Ristorante Morini - No need to head to Midtown Manhattan anymore to have Michael White’s delicious pasta dishes. Located at 1167 Madison Avenue. 

Blue Mercury - You can soon get all of your make up and skin care products right here in the neighborhood instead of making a trip to one of the midtown department stores. Located at Madison Ave and 88th Street.  

Juice Press - A great place to pick up a healthy, refreshing drink after running around the reservoir in Central Park. Located at Madison Avenue and 92nd Street.

Alice & Olivia - Pick out a fabulous outfit on your way home today! Located at Madison Ave and 87th Street. 

Eli Zabar - Soon, it’ll be even easier to bring home a loaf of Eli’s artisanal bread. Located at Madison Ave and 91st Street. 

Connect with me over email or visit my agent website to learn more about Carnegie Hill and for all of your New York City real estate needs.


Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Liz Yu Chiang and do not reflect the official opinions of Halstead Property, LLC.


Let your creative side run rampant with the possibilities offered by this superbly designed condominium home. It is located in a full-service building on one of New York City’s famed High Line Park blocks in the heart of Chelsea, the pulse of Manhattan’s thriving art scene where galleries and creative spaces dot every corner of the neighborhood. This two-bedroom condo boasts a lofty entry foyer with expansive double-glazed windows, and dynamic art-ready lighting to showcase all of your worldy collections. There’s no shortage of inspiration here either, as those massive picture windows frame the most priceless piece of art you will ever own - one of a kind views to one side of the Hudson River, and iconic views of Chelsea on the other. 

Click here to discover more details on this classic Chelsea condominium. 


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With two whole floors of impeccably decorated and designed living space – the beauty of this duplex condominium is relentless. You are immediately greeted by double-height ceilings and windows that expose a quintessential Upper East Side cityscape and fill the enormous living room with waves of sunshine. We love the contrast between the illuminated white walls and the dark, smooth hardwood floors that are found throughout the entire one bedroom apartment. Location is everything, too, as this is situated directly across the street from the renowned Carlyle Hotel within a premier full-service condominium that offers round the clock luxury.

 Click here to see more Eye Candy on this duplex condominium home. 


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