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Don’t miss the next episode of the hit series Open House on NBC starring Halstead Property’s Christopher Dubs. Watch as his beautiful Hamptons listing at 76 Pantigo Road in East Hampton is featured throughout the segment. 

Click here for more eye candy on this classic 1913 residence complete with a sprawling heated gunite pool and meticulously designed bluestone patio backyard. 

Be sure to tune in to your local NBC channel on Sunday, June 8th at 7:30 AM for this must see episode.

Visit Christopher’s agent website to learn more, or connect with him over email for all of your real estate needs.


Part IV of V – Best Spa Bath”              

Did you know Halstead Property has been nominated for 5 prestigious 2014 HGTV Doory Awards

We have covered each of the award nominations including Urban Home of the Year, Waterfront Home of the Year to Tiny Home of the Year and now we present you with our Halstead Property Exclusive for Best Spa Bath.

Click here to vote for this striking home and show HGTV how much you love it. 

As HGTV puts it,

You may be smack dab in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities, but step into this serene bathroom with its enormous copper tub and suddenly, everything else fades away.”

Nestled on a prime Park Slope block in the heart of Brooklyn lies this masterpiece condominium in the historic Montauk Club. The building’s original ballroom has been converted into a 5-bedroom residence with an endless amount of sunlight that pours in through every angle of the fully restored, original stained glass windows. 3 original fireplaces and towering 12 ft. high ceilings offer remnants of a former ballroom that’s been transformed into over 4,200 square feet of living space with custom mahogany woodwork, a state-of-the-art Chef’s kitchen and spacious master suite that reveals a luxurious copper tub where the lucky homeowner can unwind, and revel in the all of the home’s glory. You can catch more of the sun’s rays from your private terrace that overlooks the tree tops of Prospect Park and beyond. 

See more of the Doory Award Nominated home here, and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to follow the results. 


Sample all of our Real Estate Eye Candy Powered by Pinterest here

Don’t miss our Snapshot of the Day for more stunning imagery, find us on Instagram @Halstead or visit our online gallery here.


According to Hamptons.com and "The Gossip Table" on VH1Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian were planning to film “Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons” at the open retail space next door to Halstead Property’s Southampton Office on Main Street as their new pop-up Dash spot. Was it true? 

So we went to our expert, Nancy Hardy, Sales Director of our Southampton Office to see if there is truth to the rumor.  After Nancy checked her sources, she confirmed that it is in fact false. 

"Our agents actually were excited about it. Too bad they are not moving next door, because they would have had a plate of home baked cookies from their neighbors at Halstead Property," says Hardy.

But where are they headed? According to the Facebook page for Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptonsthe pop-up will be opening in East Hampton, possibly very close to our new East Hampton location at 2 Newtown Lane.

Stay tuned… 

Photo Courtesy of Hamptons.com 

Quote of the Day

by Christopher Kromer during #HGTVHangout 

Christopher Kromer and JoJo Jones, Co-hosts of the hit new HGTV series Beat the House, hosted an informative Google+ Hangout session this afternoon and left audiences more informed than ever before. Fans of the show have come to know and love Halstead Property agent and co-host Christopher Kromer as a jovial, personable and expertly qualified real estate agent, and they were not let down with the wealth of knowledge shared during today’s Q&A, which just so happened to be live tweeted by @Halstead. Previously featured on the Halstead Blog is Kromer’s insight on the Top Mistakes Home Buyers Make and How to Avoid Them, which segued perfectly into today’s discussion that primarily focused on tactics to land your dream home. In addition to answering your burning real estate questions, the duo discussed what it’s been like to work together and also expressed the life-long lessons they learned from one another, applicable to both their careers, and personal lives. 

Among Kromer’s talents as a seasoned agent includes his unparalleled astuteness and a natural ability to deliver honest and sincere financial and real estate guidance. When asked what has been the most rewarding and enjoyable aspect of filming thus far, Kromer accredited the show with allowing him to “think outside the box and be creative in finding a house that fits their needs.” Before transitioning to the always entertaining topic of finding your dream home, Christopher candidly revealed that “if [they] stuck with their current home, it solidified why it was right for them which is invaluable to not only the homeowners, but the agent as well.” 

But of course everyone wants to know what the recipe is to landing your dream home, or if said strategy even exists at all. Topping Kromer’s list of the Top 3 Tips for finding your dream home in 2014 is his emphasis on the need for professional representation and he can be wisely quoted as saying, 

“Buyers need to hire a professional. ‘A man who has himself as a lawyer has a fool for a client.’ A good broker is invaluable” 

Kromer further noted that “compromise isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as reconciling your real estate dreams with current financial realities will  prepare you to make the best decision.” And like most other big-ticket transactions with emotional ties, the final decision must made after seeing the property in-person,

“The psychology of buying a dream home can sometimes put you in a position to make decisions that might not be financially sound – looking at homes online is one thing, but seeing the physical layout is invaluable.” 

Moreover he highlighted the vital role he plays in educating buyers that “value is driven by sale ability,” showing them how [the property] will be valued down the road for potential re-sale. Both JoJo and Kromer admirably concurred that listening is an integral part of the entire process. 

The dynamic co-hosts concluded the #HGTVHangout with a challenge to duel one another on home turf and see who will #BeattheHouse. To which we say, bring it on! 

For more expert real estate advice from our now favorite HGTV stars, tune in to tonight’s season finale airing at 11 PM ET. Be sure to follow along with tonight’s season closer and share your thoughts with Chris on Twitter @CKromer_BTH and connect with him on Facebook at Facebook.com/ChristopherKromer. 

To learn more about Christopher, and connect with him plus hundreds of other Halstead Property agents in the Tri-State area, visit Halstead.com/ChristopherKromer. 

Quote of the Day: Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis of Halstead Property was recently featured on an episode of Inside Edition for his entertaining and lighthearted advice on the alternatively important topic of neighbors, and their implications to the homebuying process. In the latest round of expert real estate advice, Lewis reminds buyers to keep a mindful eye and to check out the guy who lives next door before signing on the dotted line because as he put it best,

"Neighbors are like boxes of chocolate - Some are sweet and nutty and full of liquor."

Click here to see the full Halstead ProperTV clip and to discover more videos on New York City and Tri-State area real estate. 

Visit Halstead.com/BrianLewis to learn more and connect with him, plus hundreds of other Halstead Property neighborhood expert agents

5 Mistakes Home Buyers Make and How to Avoid Them

By: Christopher Kromer, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Halstead Property, Village Office and co-host of Beat the House on HGTV

1. Chasing a “deal” at all costs - We all want to save money, but focusing only on getting a deal (or, for some unrealistic buyers, a ‘steal’) can cause you to make low-ball offers that end up alienating the seller. You could then lose out on a home you might have been able to get otherwise, which will end up costing you money in the long run. Instead, I encourage my clients to focus on finding value and not necessarily on scoring a deal. Good value bought today will look like a great deal in hindsight.

2. Not getting representationWith so much information about real estate available online, many people assume they can buy a home without a real estate agent’s help, but this strategy often backfires. A savvy agent knows the ins and the outs of the market much better than an uninformed buyer with an otherwise full-time schedule. Why would you choose to navigate making the largest investment of your life without an expert in your corner? As they say in the legal profession, ‘a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.’ The same can be said about the complexities of a real estate transaction.

3. Making a low-ball offer just to see how low a seller will go - Any serious bids should be the result of your and your broker’s independent market analysis to come up with the value you see that home at, and then devising a strategy to secure the home as close to that value as you can. Unreasonably low offers tend to turn sellers off and you may not even get an answer, or counteroffer in return.

4. Meeting and saying too much to the seller - I never encourage a meeting between buyers and sellers. Both positive and negative comments can hurt you later on.  Sellers are often emotionally attached to their homes, and an off-handed comment about the things you’ll need to fix before you can live there will likely offend him/her and make them think twice before selling their home to someone they perceive as being inconsiderate. On the other hand, remarking about how much you love the home can have equally unfavorable results, as a seller may pick up on this and believe they can get more for their home because you ‘love it so much.’  Keep the transaction at ‘arms length’ by letting the agents do the talking.

5. Not thinking like a seller - Right now you’re a buyer. While that three-bedroom home on the sixth floor of a walk-up that’s been sitting on the market for some time might look like a steal, remember that there’s probably a reason why it hasn’t sold. And someday you might need to sell that home; properties like this can be hit the hardest when the market is soft and there’s more inventory for buyers to look at – if it took a long time to sell in a strong market, it will probably take even longer to sell in a softer one.

For more expert tips be sure to tune in to your local HGTV network every Tuesday at 11 PM sharp to catch all the action. Learn more and connect with Christopher at Halstead.com/ChristopherKromer


We are so happy to announce one of our top tier agents, Christopher Kromer, will be expanding his resume to include co-host on a new HGTV show. The new venture is entitled “Beat the House,” and the premise is to convince buyers who have already found a new home that a better buy is available. The show premieres on January 7th.

Kromer works out of our Greenwich Village office at 831 Broadway and has had quite the year. He recently worked on the sale of NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon’s $25 million condominium at 15 Central Park West. He is no stranger to television as he has also hosted NYC TV’s  “Cool in your Code” and has done guest spots on HGTV’s “25 Biggest Real Estate Mistakes.” 

He recently sat down with The Real Deal in his first interview since the show has been announced, here are excerpts:

What can we expect to see on “Beat the House”?
JoJo and I are charged with finding homes for sale that surpass the wishes of home buyers who think they’ve already found a home — they have house in mind, then are shown houses that maybe provides things they originally overlooked. My focus is on finding the smartest investment, while her passion is pairing people with their dream home.

Where is the show going to take place?
The first couple of episodes are in the Tri-state area: Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey.

Are there certain challenges you face in the New York City market that you don’t in other areas, or vice versa?
I wasn’t as experienced in selling houses as condominiums, co-ops and townhouses, where there are different expectations. New Yorker’s are comfortable with a certain size bedroom, but most buyers are aghast when they see certain sized bedrooms and will totally dismiss [the house]. New Yorker’s are more versatile and will make things work. Me, for instance, I’m expecting my first child in February, and we’re trying to carve out a baby’s room from a home office.

But there are lots of similarities too. Everyone wants to know where and how the school district is, how close to school and family and work they’re going to be, what the neighborhood is like.

What about this particular real estate reality show appealed to you?
It’s more about the process of looking for a home, as opposed to a drama-filled reality show. I’m obviously interested in that whole process and know a lot of people who aren’t familiar with it but want to know about real estate – you go to a party and everybody wants to hear about real estate, is looking for a house or was looking for a house. I thought there would be a lot of good takeaways for buyers.

Your particular focus is on finding the smartest investment. How do you determine that? What are you looking for?
You start with understanding value – in particular, this house and how its offerings tie in with the buyer’s needs. You have to consider any unexpected expenses that might come up, the condition of the house, costs they might not have accounted for, such as renovations if they’re at the top end of their budget. A lot of people don’t necessarily figure that in.

It’s a combination of buyer-specific value and how the market values the property, if they’re overpaying for it, for example. If it’s a great value but over their budget, that’s not a good buy at all.

This being TV, you are of course on a schedule. How did that challenge you?
Normally, working with a buyer, you have a process to learn about what their needs are. And even though you learn pretty quickly about their must-haves and what they can do without, in this case we only had a two- to three-hour introduction to the buying couple, then [we] toured the house they’re interested in and [then] had to go off on our own and find something that was a better value and fit. It was challenging with such a limited timeframe to get to know them and intuitively decide where they might compromise.

Did your background as a New York broker bring certain strengths, or give you an approach that is different from JoJo’s?
New York is like the school of hard knocks. It really is such a challenging, tough, competitive market that I’ve learned to compete with the best. I do that by serving my clients the best, being quick to the bat and really understanding value quickly, which helped on this show because we had a limited time frame. I also think that as a New York broker my approach is no B.S. – I cut to the chase and get straight to the point, which serves you well with a lot of clients.

You’re pretty cool under pressure then?
I’m extremely cool under pressure. I grew up with my mom as a broker. She was also a very shrewd negotiator, aggressive for her clients, and I learned to make that my own.

A number of firms have balked at having their brokers participate in reality TV shows. What are your thoughts on that, and what was Halstead’s reaction to “Beat the House”?
I can understand the hesitation with some of the more gossip-oriented shows. This isn’t so drama-filled; it’s more focused on the process of the search. Halstead has done nothing but embrace me and the opportunity – I have their full support.

Full story from Real Deal here.


by Adrian Thompkins

Interview Part II

Halstead Agent Adrian Thompkins is an expert on all things Harlem. He recently had the chance to speak with a former client, Al Thompson, director, writer and actor. Currently starring in a national commercial and traveling the world, Al was happy to speak with Adrian about his new internet series, Lenox Avenue, set and filmed in his native Harlem. Always eloquent, enthusiastic and ebullient, Thompson discusses the new “mature, grown and sexy” Harlem, the digital glass ceiling, meeting with director Robert Townsend, and the beauty of the new digital media. Part two of the interview is below.

Adrian Thompkins: You said before we started taping that working in this medium has been really interesting. What are some of the experiences and advantages besides the ones you just mentioned?

Al Thompson: The advantage is that there’s no wall or glass ceiling of distribution now. People all over the world can see your show or can comment on your show, and can tweet or Facebook their opinion. I really like this show and I work for oodle.com or I work for AOL and we’re looking for a show and digital media opens up the world today to things we’ve never even thought about. I’ve had everything from a Harlem dentist contact me via twitter and he liked the show and he offered me a free cleaning and x-ray. Some of the Real Housewives, Kelly Rowland tweeting about the show to Tracey Edmonds of Edmonds Entertainment. Which is amazing that because of the show I’ve had a chance to be contacted and meet with Steve Stoute, who is legendary in the music business for managing NAS, working with Jay-Z and all these guys and having his own ad agency to Robert Townsend. You know, I never though Robert Townsend would be calling me.

Adrian Thompkins: Wow! Robert Townsend, the creator “Hollywood Shuffle.” That was really a seminal movie.

Al Thompson: We sat down one on one and had breakfast. It was mind-blowing. I was just like “Wow.” Stuff like that and you get your teeth cleaned for free (laughs).

Adrian Thompkins: Thank you, All.  I know you’ve been very busy, jetting all over the country and the world promoting this show.  We wish you the very best of luck. You’re doing something great for the art community and for Harlem.


by Adrian Thompkins

Interview Part I

Halstead Property Agent Adrian Thompkins is an expert on all things Harlem. He recently had the chance to speak with a recent client of his, Al Thompson, director, writer and actor. Currently starring in a national commercial and traveling the world, Al was happy to speak with Adrian about his new internet series, Lenox Avenue, set and filmed in his native Harlem. Always eloquent, enthusiastic and ebullient, Thompson discusses the new “mature, grown and sexy” Harlem, the digital glass ceiling, meeting with director Robert Townsend, and the beauty of the new digital media. Part one of the interview is below, keep reading in upcoming days to catch part two!

Adrian: You’re the creator and one of the stars of the series Lenox Avenue, can you tell us what the series is about?

Al Thompson: Lenox Avenue is a dramatic series with a little sprinkle of sexiness on top. It follows three friends who live in the new modern Harlem and they are all in different stages of their relationships. So, you get to see a multicultural cast in Harlem dealing with love, life and relationships in Harlem. So it has a little bit of that male Sex in the City and a touch of Boomerang and The Best Man

Adrian: Do you film the show on location?

Al Thompson: Everything is filmed in Harlem and NYC.

Adrian: That’s great because I see a lot of shows that are set in New York and immediately I say “that’s Canada.” What were some of the challenges or attractions of filming in Harlem? What made you focus the show on Harlem and Lenox [Avenue] specifically?

Al Thompson: I think the attraction was that for me it’s a little bit personal. I’m born and raised in Harlem and growing up I had an opportunity to see Harlem at its worst and now a Harlem that’s come out of its cocoon and sort of blossomed. To me I always think about how Chris Rock and Spike Lee, they’re always like Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn. We kind of fell behind on that representation on camera in film and television. So I wanted to be one of those individuals to throw Harlem up on my shoulders and really show people how we live Uptown. And that really excited me and a lot of people were excited about Harlem having its own show. Especially with the richness of culture and music, jazz, and so many people born and raised in Harlem.

Adrian: Interesting… Why don’t you tell us when and where we can see Lenox Avenue?

Al Thompson: People can watch and support the series at LenoxAveseries.com and they can watch all episodes online. For me personally, I like to connect with people who enjoy the show or people who are interested maybe in behind the scenes stuff, so I always like to provide twitter information so people can reach out at @althompsoninc and then the same with Facebook it’s Althompsoninc. But that’s the beauty of digital media, somebody will actually respond or they can tweet at me and I will actually respond. That’s the beauty of today’s technology. You got a project and people see it and you don’t have to tweet NBC. You can tweet at me and I will actually respond.



We know better than anyone that New Yorkers LOVE floorplans.  We treat them like a work of art. For all the floorplan lovers out there, now available on the website Etsy are dozens of prints of the most famous fictional homes of television all created true to form by artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde.  

Upon viewing these, it gave us a great idea  Let’s dissect one fictional TV floorplan at a time and ask some of our local expert agents in that area how much that unit would sell for today if it was on the actual market.

What better home to start with than Jerry’s Upper West Side 1 bedroom on 81st Street from the hit New York City based comedy, Seinfeld.  Let’s say George, Elaine, and Kramer convinced Jerry to sell today due to the low inventory and a heavy demand for the Upper West Side, he would have quite a few ‘anti-dentites’ and re-gifters lining up to buy.

Here is what two of our West Side Experts had to say:

Jill Sloane, Executive Vice President

"In real life this is a rental building. Based on the location, size, condition and the low inventory of today’s market I would price this apt. at $699,000. It would most likely have a bidding war based on those factors and that comedian Jerry Seinfeld lived there.”  

Mark D. Friedman, Executive Vice President

"It is an Elevator building and Bedroom is small. It would of course also be determined by the maintenance and financials of building. If it was decent I would say $649,000-$725,000.”

There you have it, so if we lived in Bizarro Jerry World, the stand-up comic on the show should make out quite all right with around a $700,000 pay day.

If you are looking for 1 Bedrooms on the Upper West Side in real life, here are some great ones.

Move over Hollywood, NYC is the New Tinseltown

The Big Apple is no stranger to showbiz, we are the home of Broadway after all, and many world famous movie scenes contain undeniable NYC settings. Breakfast at Tiffany’s,  King Kong, and West Side Story are just a few iconic movies depicting a New York City back drop. Moreover, anyone with hopes and aspirations to “make it big”  in the entertainment industry knows a move to the two epicenters of either Hollywood or New York City are a must if they want to fulfill their dreams and become a household name.  In addition to those who envision their faces gracing both the big and small screens, what goes on  behind the scenes is more than half the battle for creating great and iconic entertainment. Combine the talent with the ideal setting, and you have the unparalleled talent pool that is New York City.  Just how intertwined is the television/film industry with NYC? Numbers released by Boston Consulting Group and Mayor Bloomberg’s office yesterday from a new economic impact study reveal that the film and television industry has spent $60 billion on production in New York City over the past decade, the strongest it’s been to date.   

The labor and resources it takes to create a TV show or a movie can also be credited with adding 30,000 jobs to the city’s film industry sector since 2004. Last year alone, film and television generated an astounding and record breaking $7.1 billion. Hair and make-up artists, wardrobe stylists, construction crews, catering and hospitality groups, and post-production digital and technical talent are only some of the areas New Yorker’s are called on to lend their expertise to the many projects being shot in the city.  According to the study, at least 13 pilots were shot here this spring, and 188 films were shot here last year. A member of the Mayor’s administration said “The BCG study confirms that the Bloomberg administration has successfully reestablished New York City as the creative hub of the film, television and digital media industries.”  

Interested to know what’s currently filming in the city? In addition to Gossip Girl and Law & Order, SVU, which we all know are ongoing series based on New York City, here’s a list of productions being shot on the streets of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs: 

Feature Films Primetime Televisions Series            

Admission                             Boardwalk Empire
The Americans                      Girls
Anchors                                Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Bailout                                  Louie
Bitter Pill                               Royal Pains
Blood Ties                             White Collar
Last I Heard
Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight
My Friend Vijay
People Kissing
Samuel’s Game
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Daytime/Latenight Talk Shows 

20/20                                    The Wendy Williams Show
The Early Show                      Today
Extra                                    Saturday Night Live
The Colbert Report                 The Revolution
The Daily Show                      Rachael Ray
Dateline NBC                          Martha
Dr. Oz                                    Live with Kelly
Fox and Friends                      Late Show with David Letterman
Good Day New York                Late Night with Jimmy Fallon       
Good Morning America            The Insider

Along with countless other Cable network shows and series.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy, or head to an open call to get involved! 

(Image Courtesy: Crain’s)

Be A Part of a Live New York City Studio Audience - Part I

There are tons of great TV shows that are filmed in New York City and it’s easy for you to be a part of the studio audience for some of the tapings. These fun opportunities are available to you free of charge and you get the chance to enjoy hilarious comedy, informative daily news shows, or to see huge stars in person. There’s even the chance that you will get shown on TV yourself!

Tickets are usually available far in advance, by way of online application or writing snail mail, and that’s the best way to go about getting in on a live taping. There are also same-day standby options, but the lines are often very long, so that option should only be taken if you’re willing to wait. Either way, the chance to be a part of the live studio audience for the taping of a popular show is well worth any trouble.

Here is the pertinent information for how you can be a part of several of our favorite shows filmed in NYC:

The Today Show on NBC tapes Monday through Friday from 7am-11am on the ground floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, located at the corner of West 49th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue). This morning news and lifestyle program features Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker, among others. Fans gather outside on the plaza to watch the taping and hopefully be caught on camera. No tickets necessary.

Live! with Kelly, now temporarily hosted by Kelly Ripa and a special guest host, is one of the most popular morning talk shows of all time and used to be co-hosted by the legendary Regis Philbin. The show airs live on weekdays from 9am-10am. The wait for tickets to a live taping is quite long (up to a year), but there are still chances to score same-day tickets. You can apply for tickets online or send a postcard with your name, address, phone number, email, dates of shows you want to attend, and number of tickets requested to:

Live! With Regis and Kelly Tickets

Ansonia Station

P.O. Box 230-777

New York, NY 10023-777

To get same-day tickets, arrive at the southeast corner of Columbus Avenue and West 67th Street as early as 7am for a standby number. After ticket holders are seated, standby hopefuls are seated on a first-come first-serve basis. Ticket holders should arrive at the studio no later than 8am.

Late Show with David Letterman airs on CBS and has been hosted by David Letterman since 1993. The program features top celebrity guests and musical acts, the nightly Top Ten list, and many comedic sketches. The show airs weeknights at 11:35pm and is filmed at 1697 Broadway, between West 53rd and West 54th Street. They film two shows on Monday at 4:30pm and 7pm, one show each Tuesday and Wednesday at 5:30pm, and one show on Thursday at 4:30pm. To get tickets, you can regsiter online or in person at the Ed Sullivan Theater box office Monday through Thursday from 9:30am to noon or on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Tickets from the box office are awarded on a lottery basis. A limited number of standby tickets are also available on the date of each filming, for those tickets call 212-247-6497 no earlier than 11am.

Part II of this series will be posted tomorrow with more popular live shows you can sit in on that are filmed in New York City. 

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