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SALES AND THE CITY - Missing Piece, The Gift of Love

Episode 21 - By Sara Rotter, Halstead Property Executive Director of Sales Downtown

Most people that know me know that I have a voracious appetite to figure out the “why” in a lot of things.  I recently attended the most mind-blowing lecture that combined a historical recount of our greatest minds ’s discoveries and tied it all together to show how they all slowly uncovered what life is all about.  Basically, what they all discovered hundreds of years ago, most scientists are just catching up with now to prove scientifically.  Pretty amazing, no?  I couldn’t believe that the speaker was basically summing up the deepest principles of astrophysics in the most simple way.  Ready for it?  It’s easier than you think.  I will explain.  He explained that our most basic building block - the atom- that makes up everything we see and do not see – is not only a particle but has “wave” properties.  Did I lose you yet?  I shouldn’t have.  All that means is that everything that we are made of is actually not solid.  That means that we and everything we see is both “solid matter” AND ENERGY at the same time. 

Poof!  That was when my head exploded.  ;)  He went on to explain that we are all connected and from the same root – too long for this post but if you email me, I can share (I literally have 9 pages of notes, lol!).  Since we are all interconnected energetically, everything we do effects our surrounds.  We can therefore effect our surroundings and the world – positively or negatively.  Really?  Yes, really.  So when we do a random act of kindness, or think a positive thought, it effects us individually and our surroundings positively.  Unfortunately same goes for the opposite.  He drew a beautiful analogy that I wanted to share.  It is that we are just one piece of a massive puzzle.  That in our lives we each take our puzzle piece and try to find other puzzle pieces to build our lives – happiness, prosperity, family, work, material possessions….etc.  That is great but we can do more.  And the most memorable figures have.  What we can also see is that OUR puzzle piece is a solution for someone else, and that person for someone else!  In short, we are each given unique gifts and talents that can help others in addition to helping just ourselves.  And when we all possess that way of thinking – of sharing our unique “puzzle piece” -  gift -  with others, is how to achieve peace on earth.  Pretty simple, right?  It all starts in the space between our ears!  J

So on this Valentine’s Day- I wish you all to find out what your puzzle piece is so that you can use it for yourself and the rest of the world.  Everyone says that at the end of the day, it’s all about love right?  So sharing that gift can actually be a greater gift than any Valentines chocolate, teddy bear, or rose. But, who are we kidding, let’s have it all! Happy Valentines Day to all you beautiful puzzle pieces out there! 

Connect and network with Sara via email or on her executive profile page on halstead.com.


Did you know according to the romantics at howaboutwe.comThe High Line was voted the #1 Date Spot in New York City? To get a better feel for the area, watch our Chelsea Neighborhood Tour to see more on the High Line and the surroundings. If you don’t agree, where is your favorite romantic spot in New York City?

Our Love Affair with NYC

We at Halstead Property are completely in love with New York City. For more than 28 years, our romance with this beautiful city has grown. Being a part of the real estate process has given us an inside look at how NYC operates and thrives, how its heart beats to its own time, and how people know that there is no better place to live in the world.

This Valentine’s Day, we want to take a moment and reflect on just how thankful we are to be a part of New York. Here are some of the reasons why we love New York:

The cultural institutions. There are countless museums, theaters, galleries, performance centers, music clubs, and sporting venues. These establishments are such a part of our life routines as New Yorkers. We are completely in love with the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Metropolitan Museum of ArtLincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the art galleries of Downtown Manhattan, Broadway and the Theater District, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, the list doesn’t end.

The iconic landmarks. They are fixated in the skyline, historical, awe-inspiring, and meaningful, always associated with New York. We love the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park,South Street Seaport, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge. We love areas like Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greenwich Village, which all offer a glimpse into the City’s past. There’s so much to see and do and appreciate.

The restaurants and the shopping. Nowhere else in the world can you enjoy a better meal, whether in a fine dining first-class restaurant, or in a classic NYC establishment, there are approximately 20,000 dining choices to choose from, and counting. We love the unmatched cuisine and the keeping up with all the newly opened restaurants. The shopping is to-die-for. Every fashion and luxury boutique imaginable can be found on Madison Avenue or Fifth Avenue. There are great independent and unique stores, as well as the must-visit wardrobe staple stores. And that’s only the fashion shopping, let’s not forget other shops like the gorgeous Apple Store on Fifth Avenue or the legendary FAO Schwarz toy store.

We can go on for hours with why we love New York, but part of the beauty of this city is discovering it for yourself and compiling a list of the things you are dying to try, and then making your way through that list one-by-one, taking in every experience.

From our family to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope this holiday finds you happy and healthy with the people you love, in the place that you love. For us, that’s New York City.

Your Neighborhood at a Glance: A Valentine’s Day Guide for NYC

There is no city that is more romantic than New York. For Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered, as there are excellent date spots in every single neighborhood throughout the five boroughs, amazing hotels for an enchanting staycation, tremendous special Valentine’s Day events, and, of course, the best and most romantic restaurants in the world. Flowers are a must, but that’s easy since there are flower shops on every corner, attached to every bodega, so here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right bouquet, and here’s a way to keep the cost down if you choose to go another route for your floral arrangements. If you’re looking for some gift ideas, the city is the place to shop, here’s some sweet recommendations from NY Magazine and here are some very sentimental gift ideas from Time Out New York.

No matter what, New York City makes Valentine’s Day extra special and exciting. Here we’ve hand-picked some of our favorite activities and ideas to show that special someone just how much you care:

Keep it simple and intimate, go out and enjoy an extraordinary romantic dinner and then go home, snuggle on the couch and watch a romantic movie. Or for you chefs out there, prepare a sentimental home-cooked meal before your movie. Either way, your time spent together will be the focus of this night, that’s just the way it should be.

If you and your significant other are into live performance, NYC is the place. How about checking out some live music? Or catching a signature theater performance? Or how about going to a sporting event and making a date out of it? This is a great way to make your date inspired and memorable.

New York City has been the setting for countless iconic romantic movie moments. Why not recreate a Hollywood scene, such as Sleepless in Seattle, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or the Seven Year Itch? There’s plenty of other options to choose from, both cliché and creative.

Are you looking for love? Head to one of these bars if you’re interested in meeting someone. Or you can try out a fantastic wine bar for a more sophisticated chance meeting. There’s also always the increasing popular online dating route. And if you’ve just met someone and are looking for first date ideas, there’s plenty of great options for that.

Our list aside, here’s some suggestions from three famous New Yorkers on how they’ll be spending the holiday.

No matter what we do, we’ll be spending the holiday in the city that we love, and we’re beyond grateful to be a part of New York City.

Just in time for the most celebrated chocolate eating/gifting holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Earth opened its’ doors to New Yorkers at 4pm this afternoon in DUMBO.  Owner and concept creator, Conrad Miller, has a simple goal for us “to get the most amazing chocolate to the most amazing people!”  Why do we suggest you head there?  Well, you can find rare assortments and brands from all over the world hosting over 20 different brands and 80 types of artisan and craft chocolate bars, all supporting fair trade and sustainability causes.  Foodies and those with a sweet-tooth are encouraged to think of it as a “wine store, but for chocolate.”  Now, the only question is, which type of Chocolate do we try first!  

Chocolate Earth is located at The Shops at 145 Front Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn

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