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2014 Darien Road Race

Halstead Property is proud to have sponsored the 35th Annual Darien Road Race benefiting The Community Fund of Darien who’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for those in need through volunteer service acts of people helping people, and locally changing lives with investments of time, expertise and financial support. On behalf of a collaborative effort from an extended network of volunteers, TCFD is able to foster strategic and financial leadership with proper allocation of resources, and subsequent assessment of underlying causes of community issues. On September 14th, 2014 Halstead Property Connecticut agents eagerly volunteered their time and smiles to lend a hand and cheer on over 500 runners in the annual community event that features a 10K and 1.5 mile loop around the beautiful and picturesque coastline at Pear Tree Point Beach. More than $950,000 has been raised over the last 35 years thanks to generous participation and donations to support local non-profits in Stamford, Norwalk and Darien who are working to improve the lives of at-risk youth, families in need and those suffering from the effects of poverty,  homelessness, hunger, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and more.   

Click here for more info on how you can get involved before the 2015 Darien Road Race and learn how you can also participate by volunteering your time and still make a generous donation to worthy causes. Be sure to visit them on Facebook for photos of past races and for the latest details on upcoming events.


Learn how you can get involved and discover more from all of Halstead Property’s Connecticut Neighborhood Expert agents.


Superhero greats like Captain America and Spider Man are here to fight the battle of their lives against the meanest villain of all – bully’s.

As of 2014, 1 out of 4 teens are victims of bullying and for every 7 minutes that goes by, a child is bullied on the playground. It is a cause that is near and dear to everyone’s hearts, even Hulk Hogan and Legendary Star-Lord were once afflicted by menacing acts of injustices known as bullying that today, affects millions of students across the country. Needless to say the nationwide fight to end bullying is of the utmost importance, and in support of this universal goal we are proud to share news of another great achievement for our award-winning agent and founder of STOMP Out Bullying, Ross Ellis.

Multiple award-winning non-profit STOMP, the nation’s leading anti-bullying and cyber bullying prevention organization for kids and teens in America and has joined forces with Marvel Comics to spread awareness for the growing epidemic during October, National Bullying Prevention Month. STOMP’s partnership with Walt Disney subsidiary Marvel Comics, one of the world’s leading character-based entertainment companies, will feature a month-long campaign of special edition magazine covers featuring custom designed images that “send a clear message about how our heroes feel about bullying in all its forms.

Avid superhero comics and kids of all ages may be surprised to learn that Spider Man formerly went by the name of “Punky Parker,” a moniker gifted to him by his snickering teenage classmates before he was able to courageously leap tall buildings in a single bound, and he was not alone. Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics  states that “the center of Marvel’s storytelling history is the eternal struggle between good and evil, with many of its greatest super heroes having to contend with – and rise above – bullying, in all its forms,”  and as STOMP Out Bullying president Ross Ellis said in an interview with TODAY.com, “many comic book superheroes, and particularly those in the Marvel universe, were victims of bullying, felt isolated, and were ridiculed and shunned as kids and teens.”Ellis went on to explain that a team of the most talented artists at Marvel Comics successfully created an arsenal of emotionally charged magazine covers in partnership to spread awareness that October is National Bullying Prevention Month and to,

 “convey the message that no matter who you are, you can be a superhero in your own right by standing up and taking action by joining the fight to eradicate the bullying and cyberbullying epidemic.”

In making strides to eradicate the evil perils of bullying, Captain America will grace one cover in a scene that depicts a heroic intervention during a locker-room brawl to represent clear, physical forms of bullying. We are also reminded by Ellis that “bullying transcends all boundaries,” and some of the most cruel and hurtful acts of injustices come in very subtle forms which Marvel demonstrates through another cover that stars Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy who befriends a child that is sitting alone on the sidelines watching peers play a joyful game of soccer. While in another, her teammates Rocket Raccoon and Groot join a boy who has been exiled to his own table in the school cafeteria reflecting a scenario that is all too common today, one where it is evident that although “physical bullying results in bumps and bruises, the psychological effects are what really stick with you.”

Additionally, in 2008 STOMP successfully orchestrated the first ever Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention that enlists kids, teens and adults across the nation to come together and unify in solidarity against bullying. However most importantly, after a month of  being in the spotlight hopefully America’s greatest superheros will have ingrained in our minds that “the power of standing up for others, for being a friend, for having empathy, for being kind to others, for being tolerant, and for having understanding,” is the greatest gift of all.

The Halstead Property family is proud to acknowledge Ross’ commendable humility and generosity and praises Ross for demonstrating such amazing commitment to an even more worthy cause. Not only an award-winning and accomplished agent, among being named one of the Top-Rated Nonprofits for 2012 by GreatNonprofits and a top charity by Conscious Magazine, Ross has been honored as 1 of 3 recipients of the Longines Town & Country Award for Women Who Make A Difference. We’re further elated to help spread news that under her direction, STOMP Out Bullying has helped over 8,900 students and has saved an incredible 114 lives over the course of just last year. It’s important to note that albeit such inspiring progress, these numbers are consistently changing on a daily basis thus requiring ongoing continued support from individuals and organizations alike.

Click here to read the entire interview with Ross Ellis on TODAY, and preview the exciting line-up of Marvel Comic magazine covers here.

Visit STOMPoutbullying.org to learn more about how you make a difference by getting involved today, and follow STOMP on Facebook and Twitter for continued updates.


Connect with Ross directly and contact her over email, or visit her agent website to learn more. 

Jim Gricar taking the waterfall of ice and water on top of the 499 Park Avenue Building in Midtown Manhattan. Our CEO Diane Ramirez reaction after the water and ice drips down her back!


We loved them so much, we just had to share these screenshots of our CEO Diane Ramirez and President Jim Gricar in the middle of their ice bucket challenge. 
We thank them again for their donation and for being such good sports! We are proud to announce for every agent, staffmember, and executive that takes the #IceBucketChallenge Halstead Property will donate $5 for each in the month of August.

To donate yourself, visit here.

To watch the video of Diane and Jim’s Ice Bucket Challenge, visit here.

Lastly, to watch our latest executives Gerry Makowski, Gus Perry and Susan Goldy take the plunge, visit here.


Two of Halstead Property’s Top Executives, CEO Diane Ramirez and President Jim Gricar, yesterday proudly accepted the nomination by Director of Web Marketing and Social Media Matthew Leone to take the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. Both stood atop Halstead’s Park Avenue Flagship Office Building rooftop flanked by their Executive Team who had front row seats to the ice filled plunge. 


Ramirez and Gricar agreed to also join other Halstead agents and executives and donate to the ALS Association to do their part to help #StrikeOutALS. The success of the #IceBucketChallenge social phenomenon has been staggering over the course of the last two weeks with $14M being raised for ALS Association coffers, compared with $1.7 million during the same period last year. To donate to an incredible cause or to become better educated on ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease, we invite you to click here. 


Special thanks to the Oxford Café for providing the large amounts of ice as well as the 499 Park Security Detail and Property Management Team for their help in the event.


Louise Phillips Forbes Honored As Wall Street Journal’s Donor of the Day

Halstead Property is honored to share that Louise Philips Forbes from our flagship Park Avenue office has been featured as the Wall Street Journal Donor of the Day for her incredible charitable efforts that helped raise more than $400,000, including an amazing $65,000 over just last year to benefit underserved schools throughout the country. At the upcoming A Change for Kids fundraiser at SoulCycle Bridgehampton, Louise hopes to add to that total and stated to the Journal that “The event is expected to raise $20,000, “but my secret goal is $40,000

According to Forbes, the organization was founded by her now husband Ted Madara and friends over a round of drinks that cost more than the total amount of funds available for the average amount of school supplies per student, per year. A remarkable way to put things into perspective.

Louise told the WSJ that “students were using cut-up grocery bags, cotton swabs and watered-down tempera paint for art class. Mr. Madara went back to his trading desk, put out a jar and encouraged his co-workers to donate spare change to the school. With a few hundred dollars, Kids for Change began with a grant to cover art supplies for children at one school. [And] In 20 years, the organization has grown from that one school and the spare-change jar to five schools and an operating budget of nearly $1 million.” Funds go towards art and music programs, tutoring, a family reading program, museum trips, classroom supplies and school beautification.

What we are most humbled to share on behalf of Halstead Property is the overall inspiring message from Louise who was quoted as saying,

Her time spent fundraising and volunteering with Change for Kids isn’t a “change-the-world” moment. It’s “one school at a time, one child at a time,” to make a difference”

To learn more about Louise, visit her agent website and you can contact her over email to see how you can get involved with A Change for Kids.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Sandy Wilson - Director of Sales, Harlem 

Sandy WilsonHalstead Property’s Harlem Director of Sales spearheaded a company wide initiative in response the events in East Harlem. In the wake of the explosion and building collapse that left an entire community in a state of disaster, we asked our neighbors to join us for Halstead Helping Hands Harlem Relief efforts. Sandy was instrumental in coordinating a clothing and food drive at our new Harlem Office location at 2169 Frederick Douglass Blvd which acted as the staging site. 

It is with much appreciation and sincere thanks to the community’s kindness and generosity that we donated over 75 bags of items to victims and those in need. 

In response to this outpouring of support from the entire Halstead Property family of both agents and staff, as well as local community members, Sandy graciously stated that

“It has been our pleasure to help. We hope that we have contributed in some small way to aid the victims. The Halstead Family never ceases to amaze me with the generosity.”

Click here to see photos and learn more Halstead’s Helping Hands Support Harlem relief efforts. 

For those that still wish to give donations or monetary gifts to relief efforts may do so through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC and the ongoing effort to aid those affected by the building collapse.

Visit our website to connect with Sandy Wilson and our Halstead Property Harlem local expert agents.


For more info on how to work with Halstead Property and to learn more about Halstead Helping Hands, you may contact us at Social@Halstead.com.


Thank you kindly to everyone who contributed to Halstead Helping Hands East Harlem Relief efforts. Halstead Property is happy and above all else, grateful to announce that thanks to all of you who donated both your time and/or resources, we were able to help our neighbors in East Harlem and give back to those who need it most in the wake of a devastating explosion. Due to the amazing and remarkable outpouring of support from the entire community we received over 75 large bags of items including clothing, food and personal items to donate to those affected.

Halstead Property Director of Harlem Sales, Sandy Wilson, spearheaded the initiative along with the support of an amazing team of both agents and staff to act as the official Halstead Helping Hands staging center. Through your sheer generosity and support over social media we were able to promote awareness for Halstead Helping Hands with an unprecedented amount of feedback from our audiences on Twitter and Facebook.

We would not have been able to accomplish this without the help of Captain Antonio Rosamilia and Lieutenant Stephen Mayes from the Salvation Army. Our donations to the nearby shelter at La Marqueta located at 115th Street and Park Avenue is made possible thanks to their assistance in loading up two vans filled with the items we collected. Through this partnership we know all of our efforts will be allocated to appreciative recipients throughout the community. 

It has been our pleasure to help. We hope that we have contributed in some small way to aid the victims,” says Director of Sales, Sandy Wilson. “The Halstead Family never ceases to amaze [me] with the generosity.”

For those that still wish to give donations or monetary gifts to relief efforts may do so through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC and the ongoing effort to aid those affected by the building collapse.

Our sincerest thank you again to all who made this possible.


For more info on how to work with Halstead Property and to learn more about Halstead Helping Hands, you may contact us at Social@Halstead.com.

Visit our website to connect with Sandy Wilson and our Halstead Property Harlem local expert agents.


Please join Halstead Property to support our neighbors left in the wake of the devastating explosion in East Harlem at Park Avenue and 116th Street. We offer our deepest condolences for the losses suffered by the friends and family of the victims, and the entire community.

In this time of need we ask you to join the Halstead Helping Hands - East Harlem Relief Effort by donating items in need to those displaced. Contributions from the entire Tri-State Area and beyond are now being accepted  at our staging center at the Halstead Property Harlem Office located on Frederick Douglass Blvd and 117th Street.

Donations made in the form of the following requested items and will be accepted until Tuesday, March 18th:

New and/or gently used men’s, women and children’s clothing deliverable in good condition.

Non-perishable and/or canned food items.

Gently used and/or new toys.

School Supplies

All of the items collected will be distributed to neighboring community, religious, and local relief efforts through trips made on a daily basis by Halstead Agents and Director of Sales, Sandy Wilson.

Office Hours for collections are weekdays 9am-6pm, 10am-5pm on Saturday, and 10am-4pm on Sunday. 

Any questions, please email harlem@halstead.com

On behalf of those in need, thank you in advance for your generosity.

Additional Ways to Help:

The New York Common Food Pantry is accepting food on a continuing basis, please contact (917) 720-9700 to inquire further.

The Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest located at 2 E. 90th St. is also accepting food items deliverable to the New York Common Food Pantry  in the form of the following food items: fruit vegetables and rice in dishes that donators don’t need returned.

Heavenly Rest and the Metro Hope Church are collecting gift cards to distribute at the Salvation Army’s relief center located at 175 E. 125th St. Contributors should email Heavenly Rest at racary@heavenlyrest.org. Cash donations are being accepted by Metro Hope here

La Casa Azule Bookstore, at 143 E. 103rd St., is accepting donations of food, clothing, toiletries and other supplies to distribute.

Fill out the official form to volunteer with NYC Service Relief Efforts here.

Operation East Harlem We Stand through East Harlem Merchants Association has set up a drop-off location at The Poets Den on East 108th Street.


- Halstead Helping Hands


We are proud to announce and support Halstead Property’s Director of Stamford Sales, Tammy Felenstein in the 7th annual Dancing with the Stars presented by Curtain Call. The fundraiser event will be held on May 17th at The Palace Theater in Stamford, CT for the 6th year in a row, where Tammy will join 10 fellow dancing hopefuls who’ve all demonstrated civic involvement and leadership to make them eligible participants. In addition to winning the overall competition, dancers will compete and show off their footwork to win Judge’s Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award – both presented in male and female categories. Proceeds are being raised through selling “Votes” for $10.00 at the beginning of the show. Curtain Call is an esteemed local organization and has been a Fairfield County mainstay for the past 23 years, and was more impressively voted the Best Local Theater Group every year since 2005 by Stamford Plus Magazine. Tammy’s journey will be chronicled over the coming weeks as she endures intense training and shares both the highs and lows of her experience through behind the scenes videos from weeks of rehearsals. Click here to show your support in advance by buying your vote for Tammy right now, and stay tuned for much more coverage in the coming weeks on the Halstead Blog as the entire Halstead Property family supports Tammy on the road to Dancing with the Stars.

Visit Tammy’s agent website to connect with her, and discover more details about Dancing with the Stars on the official website.

Women Who Make a Difference

Halstead Property is proud to share another great achievement for our award-winning agent, Ross Ellis! Ross is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the amazing, multiple award winning non-profit organization STOMP Out Bullying, the leading national anti-bullying and cyber bullying organization for kids and teens in the US. Among being named one of the Top-Rated Nonprofits for 2012 by GreatNonprofits and a top charity by Conscious Magazine (formerly known as Lifestyle+Charity Magazine), Ross has most recently been honored as 1 of 3 recipients of the Longines Town & Country Award for Women Who Make A Difference. The honorees were presented with an award by Melissa Joan Hart at the recent Awards Ceremony held at the Hearst Towers in New York City. All 3 of the exceptional women were granted a professional magazine photo shoot and the opportunity to create awareness for their charity in a special full page feature in Town & Country’s February 2014 issue, in addition to receiving a donation to their charity on behalf of Longines.

The Halstead Property family commends her once again for demonstrating such amazing commitment to an even more worthy cause. In truly commendable fashion, Ross expressed her gratitude to us and stated how lucky she feels to have two careers that she is most passionate about. We’re further elated to help spread news that under her direction, STOMP Out Bullying successfully helped over 8,900 students and has saved an incredible 114 lives over the course of just last year. It’s important to note that albeit such heartwarming progress, these numbers are consistently changing on a daily basis thus requiring ongoing continued support from individuals like Ross.

Real estate comes in as another passion of Ross’ and we are honored to have called her a Halstead Property agent for almost a decade. It’s clear that she truly  delights in helping people find their perfect home, and donates much of her earned commissions to the charity.

Ross, your work embodies what it means to be a Halstead Property agent, one that excels at her field of work as well as gives back to the community in such positive ways!  Keep it up Ross and we will keep promoting.

 To get involved or to learn more about each, visit Stompoutbullying.org and Loveourchildrenusa.org

To learn more about Ross and her success both in and outside of real estate, visit RossEllis.HalsteadProperty.com.

(Video Courtesy: Longines/Town & Country)


(Photo Above Duncan and Diana at the Nyad Swim for Relief October 8-10, 2013)

At around 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning, ultra distance swimmer Diana Nyad completed her epic 48 hour continuous swim in a custom built pool in the heart of New York City’s Herald Square to help raise $108,000 (and counting) for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

This bigger than life effort marked the one-year anniversary of the devastation that crippled coastal communities and left thousands of families without homes. Donations went to AmeriCares, an organization that has already provided more than $6 million in aid, benefiting more than 450,000 people. P&G brands underwrote all production costs for the event, ensuring all funds raised directly support AmeriCares’ Sandy relief activities. For every dollar raised, AmeriCares will provide $20 in aid for disaster relief.

Lonsdale was chosen among a select group of other swimmers – notable New Yorkers, Broadway stars, TV personalities and athletes who swam in a second lane beside Diana to help her maintain a steady pace and to  keep her company. Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte was among the volunteers as “Good Morning America” tracked the event.

“To swim beside Diana was far more moving than I ever imagined” said Lonsdale after the event. “The crowds were chanting and cheering at all hours of the day and night. It made you feel really special to be an ‘extra in her movie.’” You can still show support by clicking here.

“To overcome the unimaginable, even the strongest among us can use a little help.”

– Diana Nyad


Connect with Duncan by visiting his website here.


Looking for something to do this weekend? Join others this Sunday, September 15th and cheer on runners in the 34th Annual Darien Road Race in Darien, CT benefitting various local charities and community service organizations including The Bennett Cancer Center at Stamford Hospital, The Whittingham Cancer Center at Norwalk Hospital, and The Community Fund of Darien. More than $930,000 has been raised over the last 30 years thanks to participants, sponsors and donations. Registration is still open for those who want to participate with options for all ages, groups and individuals. Whether you plan to run the full 10k course or want to join a team and run a loop your $100 donation and registration fee gets you an official Darien Road Race commemorative T-shirt and water bottle. Moreover the award for the top individual fundraiser is a brand new BMW bicycle. The race kicks off at 1pm with scenic Pear Tree Point Beach as the starting point. 

You can also participate but by volunteering your time and efforts on race day and still make a generous donation to worthy causes, click here for more info on how you can get involved. Be sure to visit them on Facebook and check-out fun photos of past races and for the latest details on the upcoming race. 

Halstead Property  is a proud sponsor of the 34th Annual Darien Road Race.

Yoga Warriors Week

You don’t need any additional reasons to begin practicing yoga, but if the already known health benefits haven’t swayed you then join fellow Darien yogi’s for a session of downward-facing dog stretching to benefit soldiers injured in the line of duty. Elements Yoga & Wellness Center in Darien, CT is launching a weeklong initiative called Yoga Warriors Week to raise donations for the nationally organized non-profit charity Wounded Warriors Project which serves injured veterans and their family members.

Yoga enthusiasts of all skill levels are urged to participate and be a warrior-in-support for just one week. The fundraiser includes a silent auction open from September 5th to September 12th to bid on prizes like private yoga classes and massages, and gift certificates to some of the area’s best restaurants. They’ll also be collecting goods for a care package being sent to troops in Afghanistan and a full list of food, toiletry and other products accepted can be found on their website. Community members can participate in the final by-donation yoga class on September 12th led by Bruce Bassock to conclude everyone’s generous and combined efforts. 

Like them on Facebook and visit their website for specific dates, times, and locations. To learn more about the Wounded Warriors Project and other opportunities to get involved, visit WoundedWarriorProject.org

CT MUST DO: Hops & Grapes, Toasts & Tastes

Hops & Grapes, Toasts & Tastes, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s 4th annual food, wine and beer tasting event, is coming up this Friday in Fairfield County, CT. Guests will be able to indulge in tasty foods and drinks while also serving a good cause.

There is also the chance to participate in a silent auction, live auction, and raffle as part of the evening’s festivities. LLS hopes to raise over $50,000 during the fun-filled evening. Raffle prizes donated by Hyatt Regency Greenwich, Capital Grille, Brewer’s Hardware, and The Rugg Family. 

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is headquartered in White Plains, NY. With 58 chapters in the United States and Canada, it is the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research and providing education and patient services. LLS’ mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

For more information, go to the event’s website


The country club lifestyle is yours with this spectacular brick Georgian Colonial at 7 Wrenfield Lane in Darien, Connecticut. The estate is sited on a private cul-de-sac and overlooks the manicured golf course of the Darien Country Club. For any golfers, or those who enjoy the luxuries of a country club lifestyle, this home is an absolute dream. You get sweeping, panoramic views of the professional grade, 18-hole golf course that sits on 153 acres of lush, landscaped grounds.  

The 8,825 square foot six bedroom, six bath home was created with the highest quality workmanship and design. It offers the experience of a “country club within a country club,” with a striking entertainment room, a lower-level billiards room, and a one-of-a-kind indoor pool located in its own separate building in the backyard. The indoor pool is surrounded by windowed sliding doors, allowing sunshine to pour in and giving you the option to bring the fresh outdoor air inside. This ingenious design also ensures that the smell of chlorine will never permeate into the main house.

The home boasts a state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen that is so impressive it received its own write up by MSNBC. The kitchen has countertops of unusual Macauba marble and top-of-the-line appliances that include a Wolf oven, Miele warming oven, La Cornue cooktop, and a Gaggenau steam oven. It is capable of satisfying even the most discerning chef. Throughout the house you will also find several terraces and a captain’s walk providing gorgeous views of the Long Island Sound and beyond. You can watch a full video tour of the property by clicking here.

The Darien Country Club has world-class amenities, and the golf course follows suit. It is home to the Old Tom Morris Invitational Tournament and it also hosts an NFL Charities Golf Tournament. The practice facilities have a large grass range with a maximum of 26 hitting stations, a small range of 120 yards, a new putting green, and two chipping greens. The Greenside bunker and fairway bunker practice areas are part of the practice facilities as well.

This Halstead exclusive listing is represented by Eileen Hanford. To learn more about the property, click here.  

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